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Something is lacking, calcium perhaps? Thoughts & opinions to ease my soul

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by 840/2, Mar 27, 2012.


    840/2 Active Member

    I have a nice run of cheesewreck going, been veggin since 1/31/12 when I took them as cuttings. I will be giving them the ole' 12/12 treatment in the next 2 weeks but I noticed something yesterday. Something that made my heart heavy.

    The tips of one of my babies (the 1 I happen to have FIM'd) are curling down. Whats strange is a tip is also curling up, same plant and same leaf. ? Now I see brown edges. Not brown circles like I read about. Perhaps early stages of Calc def?!?

    They are in roughly 1 gallon pots


    I had only been giving them water since I heard FFOF has plenty for veg, give or take.

    So last night I threw in some cal/mag. I didn't feel like waiting a few days to see if it helped, so I figured I'd ask you folks.

    She is about 16 inches now, nice and green and from what I can tell, rather healthy looking.

    DSCN1173.jpg DSCN1170.jpg DSCN1171.jpg DSCN1172.jpg

    Thanks everyone

    840/2 Active Member

    I just read that calcium will show on newer growth vs. older......so I guess there goes my idea as to what the issue is.....


    MrGhettoGrower Well-Known Member

    You haven't fed in 2 months! I would feed a full dose of flowering nutes of some type~

    840/2 Active Member

    So what you are saying is, I should feed them??!?!? ;)

    Was I led astray by thinking that FFOF had plenty o' nutes already? Whatwith all the reading about FFOF being too hot for babies, I didn't wanna chance it.

    But hey, it doesn't look too bad for not getting fed right? And they aren't flowering yet, so I assume you mean veg nutes?

    Sm00th0Perat0r Member

    Yeah. Looks like nitrogen deficiency to me.

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