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Someone Stole my Plants!!!!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Jollyman66, Sep 21, 2012.


    Jollyman66 Member

    Well.....1st time grower here. Somebody stole my 2 plants, I will hide them better next year! It takes a low down Mother Fucker to come on a man's land and steal his shit!! I was proud of my girls..............

    dc4 Well-Known Member

    My advice. Find a place where it's hard for you to get to. So it will be hard for other to get to too. ;)

    highground Member

    did anybody, and i mean anybody know? close friends and family included.

    Jollyman66 Member

    Yea, my fucking neighbor knew......but of course he doesn't know what happened!!!! Found a knife, boot print and CIG. butt on the ground. Same kind he smokes.....

    highground Member

    bingo, sorry to hear that. how did he find out? whether or not you told him if he knew and you knew that he knew then you should have moved them. people, don't let anybody know and if someone finds out through no fault of your own then its on you to move them because as we have seen time and time again here in the last few weeks you just can't trust people when it comes to this.

    Jozikins Well-Known Member

    I have a friend that built a platform up in a tree on his property, and he just puts his plants up there. You would seriously never ever ever fucking find them. It is completely unnatural for people to look up when they are looking for something.

    Plus it's a lot of fun to hang out in your tree fort sipping beer with your plants up in the canopy.
    66 north

    66 north Well-Known Member

    Really...now that never really turned me on . Scared of heights I guess.:-P

    Canibus7 Well-Known Member

    My buddy found one like that and stole all of em:rolleyes:...Its a smart idea but trust me Its not impossible to find

    imchucky666 Well-Known Member

    I am too, but the idea of scoping on some scandalous thieving people coming in my yard is intriguing, and I'm evil anyways:evil::evil::evil:
    Hmmmmm,,,,,,,,, what can I drop on his head????????

    FreeRangeZombie Active Member

    Never tell friends,nabors or family where your shit is they have big mouths and tell other people about your shit cause they feel cool . Next year I bet he comes looking around agian because now he knows that you grow now. I dunno what to tell u now :( learn from your mistakes I guess
    stoned cockatoo

    stoned cockatoo New Member

    you're "buddy" is a fucking son of a bitch scumbag and you're the same type of cock sucker for calling a thieving cunt you're buddy

    Jozikins Well-Known Member

    You friend is a jerk. But it isn't an original idea or anything. Anyone who has read the more recent editions of Jorge's bible would know enough to look up in the trees, it's just a tough thing to do, especially at night. It's still better than having them on the ground, IMO.

    At my old place I just put them on the deck where nobody could see them unless you were looking out from within my house and my dogs guarded them. But this was also back when I kept a gun around, which is really a false sense of security when it comes to a break in, the element of surprise is the best weapon, it really is.

    Desr Well-Known Member


    DuFuq Member

    have your gun ready and a mulch pile to dump the thiefs body bongsmilie

    Laney Active Member

    That really sucks! Nobody knows about my grow but my husband and he's sworn to secrecy :)

    ebgood Well-Known Member

    sorry to hear that bruh. maybe it wasnt ur buddy, i hope it wasnt anyway. but id kick him in his fn nuts just in case. better to be wrong and have to apologize than be right and let it slide.

    FreeRangeZombie Active Member

    People its a plant. You are seriously gonna kill someone for stealing a plant that your dumbass told them about? If you don't tell anyone you won't have to worry about them gettin stolen right. Next year hide them somewhere else and don't tell anyone you have plants . Also don't be so flashy with it when u do harvest as greed will get the best of your false friends

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    You have to go where nobody wants to go. Where it's unattractive or whatever. A lot of scree crossing what is an avalanche chute in winter or crawling down a rock face to a spot likely to support a plant mostly in the wild. Don't visit except by binocular unless you need to give nutrients. We used 5 gallon "piss pumps" when I worked a hotshot forest fire crew for 2 seasons. Carry them on your back. Or two, one front and one rear (good luck carrying 10 gallons of water up a chute in the Rockies). They have spray pumps that you use like a super soaker. The right nozzle and it can squirt a stream quite a ways to feed plants. Forest fire burn recovery areas are good. People avoid them.

    haloman420 Well-Known Member

    Man im sure its happened to us all at least once. Where I am it mostly gorilla style anthing over two plants. Meaning I wouldn't grow more than two on my place. Yeah people got to me a few times. I have also had my poor little one and two plants taken from my place. I have come to find in my experiences its always someone close to me. Like so called friends or friends told people about them. Now nobody sees my girls ever. I have had a single plant that none of my people knew about taken as well. I followed the four wheeler tracks to a guys place 4 houses down from mine.
    george xxx

    george xxx Active Member

    Some fishing line, several dozen well placed treble hooks and a couple of new plants for bait can catch an interesting fish.

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