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some trichomes are amber but hairs are still white?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by firsttimegroww, Sep 3, 2008.


    firsttimegroww Active Member

    I looked at a microscope today and some of the trichomes are amber, but 100% of the hairs on my buds are still white. Is this ok to harvest? And all my buds are covered in hair is that normal?

    NoDrama Well-Known Member

    how many of the trichomes are clear?

    cloudflyer Well-Known Member

    Hair has absolutly nothing to do with harvest time. I hope you are not using a super powerful microscope. Over 100x is to much. You atart to see cells and everthing looks black/amber. Can you see the whole head ans some stem in the eye piece. If you can, you are good to go. If some are ambur then most must be milky white
    Click pic below

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    SunnyD Well-Known Member

    Were u closer than this.....

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