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Some questions about Medical marijuana from a PA resident

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by The51stAgent, Mar 6, 2009.


    The51stAgent Active Member

    Hello all.It is possible I will be moving to California by september.I am 20 years old and for over a year now I have been working to overcome a serious spinal stress fracture in my lower back.I have all the documentation, including everything from reports to x rays and bonescans.I am wondering if this will constitute a medical marijuana license for me.My doctor wont even prescribe me pain killers over here in PA(Put me on BS muscle relaxers that do nothing but put me to sleep hard). Also, do I need a CA License or will my PA one suffice?do i need to be resident of CA for a certain time or may I go to apply for medical marijuana as soon as i get there?

    2headedchan New Member

    did you know jersey just passed med bud?

    The51stAgent Active Member


    UPDATE:Just did some googling and from what I can find, if it even really has been passed, Jersey will only perscribe it to dying cancer patients, which (un)fortunately I am not.

    Syriuslydelyrius Well-Known Member

    Are you moveing accross the country just for the medical marijuana or do you have friends/realitives in CA?
    There are states closer to PA have medical marijuana laws in place.

    Check out this map.

    As far as what I know about CA, you need to have a Calafornia ID and mailing address. I know that people have done things like renting a mailing address at a UPS store or simular. They then use this address to get an ID. Then from there they go visit a doctor and your "i can smoke weed" licence shows up in your mailbox if everything goes well.

    Make some phone calls and see what info/proof of ID, and everything else you need to bring to a clinic/doctor and go from there. As far as I know you have to be a "resident" of the state (have a mailing address there) and there isnt a minium time you must be a resident before you qualify.
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    The51stAgent Active Member

    Wow.haha.no.not really what I'm tryna do.I'm moving out there to go to school possibly.I won't have a car and so no CA drivers license.I guess I need just a generic state issued ID? And how long does it usually take from the time you "apply"?

    Syriuslydelyrius Well-Known Member

    If you have a PA licence just transfer that over to a CA one or use it to obtain a state ID. If your current PA licence or ID is going to expire before you plan to leave CA then I would just use the PA licence to get a CA licence even though your not going to own a car down there.

    As for how long its going to take for the new ID to come. I can't answer that but they should give you a estimated date and a tempory ID that some clinics down there I hear accept.

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