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soil or Coco Peat

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by biggie, Jun 17, 2007.


    biggie Well-Known Member

    I,m currently using a good quality Ph balanced soils - which i,ve not had any problems with - i was in my local hydro shop and the guy behind the counter was talking to some customer about the benefits of using Coco peat,
    Was this just sales talk or is there proven benefits for this medium?

    pudra Member

    discuss ;)

    Bulldog73 Active Member

    I love Coco but it has it's disadvantages also. It isn't as forgiving as soil and you must supply 100% of all nutrients. There is nothing at all in Coco from a nutrient standpoint. Coco can also be reused. I wouldn't do it unless yo you are growing in several 3 gallon+ pots. It is very hard to over water in Coco and it is great for getting air to roots.

    Tamerlane Active Member

    I cant think of 1 advantage that is unique to coco over other mediums. It has all the disadvantages of soil and all the disadvantages of pure hydro. Coco is basically a hydro grow in a wannabe soil medium with none of the soil benefits.

    1) Its messy like soil
    2) It doesnt taste as good as soil (soil supposedly has best taste)
    3) isnt as stable or forgiving as soil.
    4) it takes tons of maintenance like hydro. (dont plan any mini vacations with a coco setup).... In fact some hydro setups like DWC take less maintenance than coco.

    1) The only advantage of coco is that it can produce as much and grow as fast as a hydro grow but then why not just do a hydro grow in the first place?

    Ive never done a coco grow and in fact im kind of new to the growing aspect of the game... but when I was reading up on all the different methods of growing this one made the least amount of sense to me. Its more work for the same product.... if you are going coco might as well just go Hydro and save yourself the hassle.


    muthabudda Member

    first let me say it is used by award winning growers, its a totally organic growing medium that works well in hydroponic systems (it is almost impossible to over water, i use constant drip). have been told it has a larger oxygen capacity and a more superior water holding ability over the famous rockwool. All the things I’ve read say Coconut fiber is the only growing medium that is naturally high in root stimulating hormones (Trichoderma) and can help protect against root diseases and fungus infestation.(that seems pretty cool to me) Think about it, its whole purpose in nature is to provide the coconut with a rich medium so when it falls to the soil it can grow roots, so it’s just doing what it was designed to do. AND IT GROWS FAST LIKE HYDRO BUT STRONG LIKE SOIL. Iv'e had 37% thc content (sharksbreath) come out of my coco peat in a 3.5 month grow.

    Guilt Active Member

    With claims of 37% THC and no labs ever having record of 37%, or even 27%, I call bull shit, and because of this any advice you have given thus far should be taken with a grain of salt from everyone. 24% is the THC margin to beat ATM (maybe that is 24% active cannabinoids and not THC even), if your claiming 37%, get some real fucking lab equipment. Either way, stop with the phoney claims, no one wants to hear fiction. About the only true thing you've mentioned is the fact that it does have naturally occurring Trichoderma.

    Vanessa105813 Member

    It isn't as forgiving as soil and you must supply 100% of all nutrients.[​IMG][​IMG]

    Don007206 Member

    I have read of a 40 plus percent recorded thc content by DEA Alaska..... I am not backing the 37% guy just putting some info out there...my best coco run hit 18% and I was happy..I can't comprehend what 30% would look like crystals with a stem ???.

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