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Soil is too wet / moist

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by skillz75, Nov 9, 2008.


    skillz75 Active Member

    First time grow. Grew seedlings in peat pots under cfls and that worked great. Transplanted the 2 best ones to larger plastic pots. I used this soil called "Long Island Compost", but it seems like it's holding WAY too much water. The peat pots would pretty much dry out totally every day, or every other day. In this new soil, I went almost a whole week with the moisture meter still showing it in the 3-4 range. It just does not seem to be draining, or it's keeping the moisture too well. It has some perlite in it, but not a lot. My question is, should I yank these 2 plants out and re-mix the soil with more perlite? I feel like I should have done that in the first place. By the way, the plants look great and are growing well, but I am concerned b/c every time I water them, pretty much 90% of the water flows right through the bottom, meaning the soil is already pretty wet, and is not drying out. Maybe I am paranoid b/c the peat pot has not had enough time for the root to start growing out and absorbing the water?? There is a lot of soil relative to the size of the peat pot seedling and i only transplanted one week ago, maybe that's it? Please help.

    hawaiinsolja Well-Known Member

    ehh it could be a few things.... could be the soil like u said or your palnt can be in shock from transplanting if they go into shock u wont see any growth for about 2 weeks.. if the soil is concerning u that much then use this to make ur own soil

    40% Potting soil.

    30% Perlite.

    20% Top soil.

    10% Sand.
    Makes a nice light & fluffy mix with kick ass drainage & plenty of built in nutes

    so keep them alive give em a few more weeks and see if anything changes also what kinda lights are u using??

    skillz75 Active Member

    Thanks dude, using 600wt MH conversion bulb. They have actually grown nicely since transplant, but I'm just worried that the roots will rot since it's so moist constantly. With the peat pots before, I would water and they would go dry in pretty much one day so it was easy to see the water being absorbed. The room is pretty dry by the way so shouldn't be a humidity problem. I attached some pics, I added some perlite to the top 1/2 inch today, but previously you wouldn't see any perlite, only soil. Also, the soil is called "compost" but it's really a mix of stuff like peat, perlite, vermicculite (sp?), but for whatever reason is holding the water too well.

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    hawaiinsolja Well-Known Member

    i read what the soil consist of and i dont know if the pine bark fine trimmings are a good idea as it might make it harder for the roots to dig... when was the last time u watered them and how much do u water them? try and lower ur lights a few more inches and see if the top of the soil drys quikly...Peat moss is excellent when you mix it with soil because it helps retain water. Underground, it helps the roots drink the water. However, when used as a mulch on top, peat holds water sometimes 600 times its weight. most likely this is your problem u should be fine just water it a lot less or water them when u notice ur leaves start to droop. keep in mind that when ur leaves start to droop u have 3 days to water them b4 they start to die

    skillz75 Active Member

    wow dude, i think you are right on the money. really really appreciate the help. i water basically every 3 or 4 days, and i pour water in from a water bottle probably about a total of 4-5 ounces? enough to see a layer of water on top of all the soil. it generally gets absorbed pretty quickly. i think i got most of those pine bark trimmings out before i transplanted. i think you're right, just water less than usual. i just started adding a mild concentration of nutes for veg growth - using technifloral recipe for success. plants look pretty good, thanks a lot for the advice dude.

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    I believe if this was buggin' your plant, you'd see burned-like tips on most of the vegetation.

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