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SOIL: FoxFarm or Black Gold

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Zjc420, Dec 23, 2009.


    Zjc420 Member

    Hey, my babys are about 2 weeks old and im going to transplant them into bigger pots i started them out in miracle grow and im seeing a little signs of nute burn on the leaves so after some research iv read miracle grow isnt that great for marijuana so iv decided to go with foxfarm or black gold which one do you guys think? also wich nutes should i get and when should i start the nutes and how often do i feed the nutes? Thanks.

    oregon024 Active Member

    ocean forest feeds for 30 days b uy what nutes you can afford

    phreakygoat Well-Known Member

    foxfarm! black gold is good imo, but just doesn't have the gusto of ocean forest. also i've gotten gnats from multiple black gold bags.

    sogrow Well-Known Member

    Go with the Fox Farms Ocean Forest.They have a great nutrient line as well.Stay away from the miracle grow imo!!!

    jonnyplayer Member

    the only problem with black gold is knats!!! Other than that is a great old school soil. If you use ffof add some perlite to help with drainage. That stuff is good but resembles a sponge.

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