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    Hi gang ! Have two plants in 3 gal pro pots both FFOF from two different bags. One of the pots soil seems off and is completely different than the other. Also the plant that's in the "off" soil isn't doing as well. Checking both soils with a meter "i know I know" the one that is doing well shows ok and the off soil is showing low.

    The signs of the plant is showing Mag Cal and maybe N deficiency. I've since fed a little and will see if I can ride it out. These are autos so is that the best I can hope for ?
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    Let's see a pic of the soil?

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    a picture would help a lot if you can get one up here. sometimes Cal def. is mistaken for N def. and vice versa. just depends on where the yellowing is occurring.

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    I'll see if I can get one up. I did take what was left of the bag of FFOF and dump, mix and add some perlite to it. Growing two of the same strain with the same nutes "every plant is different" but the soil that came out of the bag for one of the plants didn't feel or look right, it didn't hold moisture like the other also. To me it looks like Maganieese def, yellowing leafs with brown spots lower on the plant. The whole plant seems pale and have added N and mag cal but feel something in the soil in that one pot isn't right. I'll continue to play with it as it goes.

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