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Soil drainage issue. and Super cropping Question

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by dvs1038, Apr 8, 2012.


    dvs1038 Well-Known Member

    I really didn't wanna start a new thread just to ask this question but I didn't see a thread I could add it to. Anyways about one of my plants its about 8wks right now and I've been having some issues with it taking longer than some of my other plants for the soil to dry out. I usually water every 2-3 days and most of my plants soil will be dry by that time except for this one. Would it be too harmful for the plant at this point to try and transplant it into a pot with a soil mix that maybe has a bit more vermiculite to help drainage, or just water it differently than the others.

    Well since I started a thread I'll ask this question too, I just super cropped a couple of my plants for the 1st time as well, and the main cola has turned up to grow towards the light I wanted to ask other growers what results have had the most yield for them. Should I super crop the main cola again after it has grown a bit more, or should I top or FIM it, or even top it then super crop the colas that grow after it is topped. Just wanted to find out what others had the best results with.

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