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soap and water soil drench

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by swizz253, Apr 11, 2013.


    swizz253 Member

    So I may have to do this to get rid of bugs that came in the soil I used, has anyone tried this and got any results from it? My plants are still in small solo cups so not much soil to deal with.

    Anotherlover Active Member

    watch your PH!

    pizzapuffer Active Member

    i've sprayed just the top layer and it was ok. but i dunno about drenching the plant. might be hard to rinse it out. i would go with a prythrin spray instead. kills them instantly. even just the garden safer brand works. i prefer buying the extract and mixing my own though.

    swizz253 Member

    Thanks for the info good ideas for sure on the checking Ph and spraying the top layer , any info on it would work on killing the bugs out by any chance?

    CannABISGrow New Member

    I have bugs too and my 1 week old is turning yellow first time grower i have a cheap flouresent light about two to 3 inches above and i heard somthing about nute burn what is this

    swizz253 Member

    If you have bugs that's gonna be why I'd say, you have to control them bugs asap they spread very quick and eat the plant, nute burn is when you give to much nutrients I strongly believe. Hope that helps

    dbkick Well-Known Member

    excellent selection and pricing , also prompt shipping.


    swizz253 Member

    Great site on pest control thanks, So here is my update i poured soap water into my clones and its been a day or so nothing major has happened yet, i took a few out of the cups they are growing in to check the roots and for bugs... i found a couple dead aphids i believe and no groups of them like what it was before, so as far as now its looks like it killed most bugs which is a good sign. So now im just gonna let them dry completely out for a few days and check the roots and for bugs again to determine what to do next.

    swizz253 Member

    Update, so soap and water drench killed most if not all of the root aphids, but the fungus gnat larvae clear worms with black heads are still alive so doesn't seem like it worked for them, gonna let the plants dry out then figure another method to try.

    Coho Well-Known Member

    BTi liquid in your watering will kill em.

    Anotherlover Active Member

    Cover the top layer of soil with playground sand or other fine pebbles.
    Gnats will not be able to complete life cycle.

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