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so my timer on my light broke...

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by magilla gorilla, Nov 2, 2009.

    magilla gorilla

    magilla gorilla Well-Known Member

    hey so as the title suggests, the timer that was controlling my light broke during my 5th week of 12/12. unfortunately i was away for a week or so and in that time they recieved 24 hours of light :( (approx. 9 days).
    it's been about 18 days since i fixed the timer and growth has slowed to say the least.
    The buds are fine until you look at the top growth where it looks like it has veg. style growth that has stretched (similar to when you first flip to 12/12).
    my question is, how long do you think it has set back my flower time (i'm guessing atleast 3-4 weeks) and what are the chances of hermie etc?
    here's a few pics of the girls :(
    2 babes.jpg

    2 babes 2.jpg

    2 babes 3.jpg
    Mr Bomb

    Mr Bomb Active Member

    Three weeks set back but unlikely to herm if you waited until scheduled dawn and started giving them a solid 12/12 again.:leaf:

    simpsonsampson420 Well-Known Member

    thats a lot of stress to drop on a plant that far into flowering...

    by that time the veg hormones have stopped being produced and only flowering hormones are present... for the plant to revert back to veg, or start to, just to be thrown right back into flowering can/will definitely reek havoc on your plant...

    there is a chance that she will herm... that pretty much goes without saying.. light cycles seem to have the most affect on herms, when compared to other stressors... so i would be watching out closely for any banana sacs that may pop up..

    other than that your girl will be fine... there is a chance she wont herm at all, if the genetics are strong.. but you should still watch.. either way, in the end, you'll get a nice harvest..

    good luck bro
    magilla gorilla

    magilla gorilla Well-Known Member

    :) thanks thats what i thought. needed some peer comfirmation. I'll update in a week or so and it can atleast be an example of what can/will happen if something like this happens to anyone else.

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