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So many northern lights breeders, which one to choose?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by Punk, Aug 30, 2009.


    Punk Well-Known Member

    I'm looking at several breeders who sell the NL strain, many of them have a similar story about it's background.

    Seedsman and Nirvana sell a 10 pack for approx the same price($35-45), but then Sensi sells them for $200.

    They all tout about the same flowering time and yield. Why such a price swing?

    Hobbes Well-Known Member

    "Why such a price swing?"

    'Cause they can use their good name to make more money. Whether Sensi has better genetics than Seedsman could be debated, but the cost to produce the seeds will be the same.



    cookin New Member

    i've seen dr atomic's nl recommended a few times so maybe you want to look into that, would be good without the ridiculous price tag

    Hobbes Well-Known Member

    Punk I've seen good reviews of Seedsman's Northern Lights. I don't buy Nirvana but many people swear by them.

    I've got a NL mother from PeakSeedsBC that produces 2-3 oz double topped and finish height of 22". Big thick nugs. Smoke wasn't very strong though. $30 CAD / $40 USD for 10 seeds (shipping included).




    Punk Well-Known Member

    That's good info, thanks. Sounds like in general, NL is a quick producer, not as potent.

    growone Well-Known Member

    i just finished my 1st indoor grow(used to do ouside, so experienced), did a nl#5 from highgrade-seeds
    easiest the most potent weed i've ever had, hands down, i vaped 1/10 gram and that was a mistake, too much!
    gives a very strong head rush, bit more than i like actually, and this is from uncured bud
    can't give an expert opinion on this strain, just my limited experience
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    First off there is only one single original genetics Northern Lights and the rest are knockoffs made by different breeders who name them the same thing.
    I know of seven different strains of Northern Lights. If you add strains that add numbers to the name, like Northern Lights #1 etc. you can add at least an additional eight Northern Lights to the list.
    If you then add ones that are called Northern Light (minus the ‘s’ at the end) you can add an additional six strains. If you then add ones with additional words/names added to Northern Light or Northern Lights you can tack on two strains.
    Then if you add crosses that are Northern Lights or Northern Light crossed with something else there are another nine to add.
    You can also add, if you care to, another strain called Northern Lightz and another six crosses I know of that are made with Northern Lights and begin with the word/name Northern but run the two names into one such as Northernberry or Northernlight.
    All genetics are not created equal and they cannot demand the same prices regardless of name.
    Positronics Northern Lights took 3rd place in the High Times Bio-Cup competition in 1994.

    Picasso’s Northern Lights took 1st place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1993.

    Bluebirds Northern Lights took 2nd place in the High Times Cannabis Sup in 1992.
    Other versions/strains of Northern Lights, either with numbers after Northern Lights or crosses with Northern Lights won various cups also.
    When you add the Northern Lights strains and crosses that won cups in the Highlife competition and or in the Spannabis Cup competition the numbers increase.
    The same above information applies to most any and most every famous strain that has come down the pike, though the actual numbers of knockoffs and versions and crosses will vary.

    Once something earns a name many breeders jump on the bandwagon and create a strain and name it the same thing as the original winning genetics and try to get rich off the fame and glory of the best that won cup competitions but their gear is not the same, now and then it might actually be better but that is very rare, and because of that most cannot demand the same prices.
    You get what you pay for but unfortunately when you bargain hunt you not only get what you pay for but you also have to pay for what you get and what you get will likely not be much if at all like what made the name you are drawn to famous or be a value for your dollar.

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    yup, that's the one to try first (not that I've grown it, but from a very knowledgeable source)
    NL5 from The British Columbia Seed Company is a great strain too.
    Non USA buyers would be advised to use this source: http://www.vancouverseedbank.ca/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=252
    bicycle racer

    bicycle racer Well-Known Member

    personally its an old strain are you using it to breed as a stable strain? if not there are far superior genetics to be found nl is at least 15 years old and no longer top dog as far as strains go.

    frmrboi Well-Known Member

    "don't knock it 'till you've tried it" NL5 is the second best seller at the Vancouver Seed Bank (been in that ball park for years) People would of reported on their forum that it was not worth buying long ago.

    Punk Well-Known Member

    I like the tried and true strains, not all about the hype of the month.

    exidis Active Member

    I bought some from marijuana-seeds.nl and i had 5/5 female ratio. 1 Runt 1 wasnt sooo potent but the other 3 was very potent... Very easy to grow and ALOT of sugar..Def. worth it for the money.

    Punk Well-Known Member

    nice, well I'm going to give it a shot.
    bicycle racer

    bicycle racer Well-Known Member

    whatever floats your boat there are superior strains out there nl yields well and is useful for breeding if thats what your after. as far as pure quality it is no longer top tier though.

    Girrah Member

    LOL! These new strains were breed with the old to get stable plants... You have to respect the old strains!!! Northern lights is on my top highs, so enjoy!!!

    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    I got a 10 pack of Sensi NL back in March for $120 and I got 4 fems out of the 10.

    Every pheno, even the males, were all haze type plants that grew so fast and tall I didn't know what hit me till it was too late. Took 10 weeks in flower under 1000 watters to finish. These things were nothing like the pics or descriptions on the Sensi website. I got them from Attitude in the Sensi breeder pack.

    The females gave me the shittiest looking and tasting bud I ever smoked in my life......including mex schwag. It didn't matter how many times i topped 'em in veg because they grew 3 more feet in flower. The closest pic I could find of my bud was the NL#5 x Haze that Sensi sold. But even that bud was way more dense.

    I have found others who have bought the Sensi NL from Attitude and have gotten the same problem. I met them on the Sensi forum because they posted about the same exact shit I had. The mods on that forum kill threads like that fast. I compared pics with 2 others who got "ripped" off and they had the same exact crap weed as I did.

    It seems to be a problem coming from Attitude only as no one else has posted anything else concerning Sensi NL. My advice to you is don't get the Sensi NL from Attitude. Get it from someplace else if you can.
    tomato worm

    tomato worm Member

    So where can you get these seeds?
    Mr. Bitti

    Mr. Bitti Well-Known Member

    get nirvana's its so fucking cheap and they actually have great genetics. have a 10 pack of those and NL x Shiva that sounds like the shit! ive had great results from nirvana seeds just have to be patient and find the pheno you need.
    phenix white

    phenix white Active Member

    Im growing Pyramids' Northern Lights strain a 3 time spannabis cup winner! its 18 days into flowering!..i found it to be a very ph touchy plant! medium torrence on fertz and i did organics!..

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]i know there are a number of strong independent growers of this strain but i like sensi seeds northern lights, i would highly rec that. also, despite the dutch passion haters they do a good NL

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