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So i found a seed in my bud..............

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by bfunner69, Jan 30, 2009.


    bfunner69 Active Member

    so, i have been getting this same bud for a guy for a very long time and i have found a few seeds here and there, normally they are just white seeds or they pop when you squeeze them, and these are VERY rare to find....

    So today i was looking down at my grinder which i just grinded up a little nug, and i found a little brown spotted bean in there....

    Is this thing guaranteed to be the same strain if i germ it and it becomes a female? Or if this is some sort of hybrid will the seed be compromised by the genetic dominance of either side?

    interested to hear your answers, i sure hope this seed would give me the exact strain if i grew it, i will be a happy person =)

    TheDankness Well-Known Member

    It's nearly impossible for it to be the same strain. The only way it could be the same strain is if it had the same father plant as the original seed that grew the plant that made the bud, and then it would be an f2, not a true f1. Its probably a cross, as in some random male or hermaphroditic flower pollinated it. It should still retain some of the mothers characteristics, but it all depends on the male. If the male had lots of dominant traits, then they will be passed to the seed. The opposite will be true if the female has more dominant traits, in this case the plant would be more like the mom.

    Short answer, the plant should be similar to the bud the seed was taken from, but not the same.

    bfunner69 Active Member

    Thanks for the answer... And i had basically the same thought -

    But what if the plant has a seed but was not pollinated by a male? Maybe this is impossible but i have heard it seems many times that if you cause a plant to stress for different reason it can get seeds without pollination.

    Is this possible for a bud to get a viable seed without a male pollinating the female? And if the bud did get a seed from the plant being stressed, would this seed be closer to the same strain?

    TheDankness Well-Known Member

    Stress causes male flowers to form on female plants. This is whats commonly referred to as a hermaphrodite. The plant pollinates itself. The problem is that if the plant has a tendency to go hermaphrodite then so will the seed probably. Hermies will not produce the same quality buds as straight females. Unless the plant is forced into being a hermaphrodite by hormones. If this is the case the seed will be a guaranteed female of the same traits as the parent plant. These are extremely valuable and are referred to as feminized seeds. I highly doubt that is what happened here though.

    bud2befree Well-Known Member

    hey fellas i got a question if i had one male flower on my female plant and it pollinates the plant will the seeds be any good!!

    bfunner69 Active Member

    thanks for your answer, i guess ill just hope for the best =)

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