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So how much good or harm can neem oil do?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by VirginHarvester, Jul 10, 2007.


    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member

    I'm growing outdoors. By and large my two month old plants look great. They don't have any mold and bugs are eating a few leaves but nothing much. My new/seedlings are struggling but I believe that's a soil issue that I've worked out. Unfortunately I am getting a lot of rain lately and that will continue. I would like them to dry for a few days. But having said that, everything looks good otherwise.

    So, I was planning to use some neem oil as a preventative for bugs, mold, etc. I have heard and read it does no harm. I especially want to make sure these seedlings I have make it and don't get eaten. So I go to buy some at a grow shop today and they tell me that it can magnify the sun and hurt young plants and that neem is only a contact solution- that it works when you put it on but has very little residual value against bugs or mold. Plus, I was told I needed to mix it with a $10 emulsifier to make it spread out and cover the plant and not act like an oil, if that makes sense to you. So the cost would be around $30 for regular neem and an emulsifier. Then they showed me a neem oil that has the cayanne pepper and other additives that really keep bugs away but I was told even that only lasts a day or so and it cost about $40 with the emulsifier.

    I have been under the impression that neem works great if you mix it with water and shake it before you spray each plant. I also thought it has a residual value that would make it last about a week between uses- that's important because I only go to the site once a week to water and nute.

    So what's the real deal with neem- was this grow shop right about it not really working more than a day or so as a preventative and would it burn plants by magnification(like suntan oil)?

    olds442 Well-Known Member

    hi virginhrvister hows it going iv been using neems oil for to of my grows and i mix it in warm water and some dish soup the soup is to breaks the oil up so it covers all the plant or you will notice a ring of oil on the inside of the bottle and if you see a ring then the neems oil is not comeing out. also you can spray it out of a normal spray bottle and it will not clog
    i started using it to get rid of some spider mites that came with my clons and i use it once a week and it works really good so far neems oil is supposed to stop the bugs life cycle but thats what i heard
    i use neems oil on my out side plants all the time and i have no bugs eating my leafs but my plants are in the forist so it dus not get a full day of sun it gives them a nice shine i love the shine
    well i hop this helped

    kindprincess Well-Known Member

    one thing... your grow shop is right. if you spray, TURN OFF YOUR HID'S UNTILL THE PLANTS DRY!!!!

    i raised my lights, thinking i'd be ok... i was wrong. dont find out the hard way like i did.


    VirginHarvester Well-Known Member


    So olds, you use it once a week on your outdoor plants and it's working well? And, is your straight neem oil, dish soap, and water?

    I hate to ask this but does it matter what kind of dish soap? Some of it has grease cutters, lemon smell, orange smell, etc. And, how much dish soap per quart of gallon of water?

    I'm growing outdoors princess so I can't control the light although I would likely be spraying at night though.

    Mr.Pyrex Well-Known Member

    i grow outdoors and to stop bugs from eating my shit i usual go threw about a litre of neem oil every two weeks works great till it drys up

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    Mix neem oil and dish soap 1tblspoon of each with a gallon of water and spray that plant good. You will not be able to control mold with neem. Outdoors this shouldn't be a problem anyway, but check with beaner to be sure. VV

    olds442 Well-Known Member

    yes i use just neems oil and dish soap and yes you do want the dish soap that cuts grease thats wy you use dish soap so it cuts the neems oil so it mixes better and when you spray it it will cover every thing i dont think it matters what dish soap you sue. i use cheap stuff

    i put just enough soap in so it make the water cloudy

    i love the neems shine:mrgreen:

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