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Snowcap flowering time?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by bubbascruggs, Jun 1, 2007.


    bubbascruggs Active Member

    I'm six weeks into flowering snowcap clones that I got from a Bay Area club. All I know is the little written in the Cannabible. They look like 8 week indica's but it would help to get other growers' advice. I grow in soil, 4 gal. pots under 600 watt hps. I've completely avoided powdery mildew to this point thanks to neem oil and a tea called Natures Solution. I've had problems with mildew in the past but Natures solution has gotten rid of the problem, not to mention my harvests have gone up by about 25%. Amazing stuff. Thanks for any help with the flowering time.

    midgradeindasouth Well-Known Member


    upncoming Active Member

    48 days to maturity

    bubbascruggs Active Member

    Thanks, stranger. That gives me a general window to work with, although 51 days the scope shows things milky but now sign of amber yet. Sativa's I usually harvest earlier in the window than indicas, but these girls are close. I'm very rural so only dial up, making posting pictures a major pain. But these girls are looking like very heavy yeilders indeed, with rock hard colas. And not a sign of powdery mildew for the entire grow (thanks Nature's Solution, a tea I just started using this year.) Anyway, thanks, stranger.

    upncoming Active Member

    I have a few snow caps going myself and my friend is a huge fan of the strain. I remember him saying he harvests at day 48 on average. I've heard nothing but great things about snow cap! I hope mine turn out as well.

    Hogg Active Member

    Im wondering about this as well, I have 3 snowcaps going right now and just started 12/12 3 dyas ago. These were started from seed found in a bag of snowcap, Im not really sure what I think about the strain yet, I didnt really think it was all that good, it wasnt as potent as I like, but am hoping it was just the way it was grown.

    montelocs Member

    im also in the 6th week of flowering my to snow cap plants that got from the sf cannabis club.....wondering when to flower....im on day44 and notice amber hairs starting to pop up about 30% amber rest of them white..is it time to flower....any help would be good first time grower wit cfl.....total of 9600 lumens in a 2x2x3 box.....

    drnkrssn Active Member

    So what did you guys find to be the total flower time? I have some Snowcap that have been going for 50 days and the trichomes are still clear or mostly clear. I got clones from someone who got them in Cali. The plant didn't grow much after the switch to 12/12. The flowers look great but the yield will be pretty small. Is this similar to what other people have found?

    bubbascruggs Active Member

    I only grew it once, and its been several years back. I don't remember if it was 8 or 9 weeks, but I do remember a not real big and not that hot of a smoke. Of course these were Snowcap clones I bought at a med pot club, and so I can't guarantee they were definitely Snowcap.

    drnkrssn Active Member

    Alright thanks. I'll be chopping on the 64th day. The yield is going to be low but the flowers look good. I'll let you know how it turns out.

    rockymtnhigh Well-Known Member

    I love this strain. I take Snowcap down after 8 weeks, but I have friends who take it down earlier. 7-8 weeks seems to be the rule, depending on how you like your smoke. One characteristic I've noticed of this strain is the crooked main stalk. People here in Colorado are calling this strain Durban, but it's not. I grew Durban Poison from seeds from Dutch Passion, and although it has a similar taste, Snowcap is much, much stronger. I averaged about 3 oz./plant from my Snowcap. Very dense nugs, tastes spicy and sweet, kinda fruity with a nutmeg smell. Very good strain.

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