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Smoking with flagyl/cipro antibiotics?

Discussion in 'Medicating' started by realstickyicky, Feb 6, 2012.


    realstickyicky Member

    Was diagnosed with crohns disease a while ago and I've been on flagyl and cipro which are antibiotics for nearly two months and have to stay on them for at least another month.

    I know flagyl will make you crazy sick with alcohol, but after searching weed shouldn't have any effect.

    I think smoking would help a shit lot with the shit feeling of the antibiotics and the crohns disease itself.

    Anyone have experience with smoking while on antibiotics - especially flagyl?

    tomato57 Well-Known Member

    Cannabis acts as an antibiotic on its own, there is no interaction. Avoid cipro at all costs unless you have been exposed to anthrax in which case the potential danger the antibiotic likes to manifest might be worth it. I too have crohn's and had been given a quinilone (same class of antibiotics as cipro) when younger and immediately experienced side effects, sore/fragile tendonds, neuropathic pain and lots of psychogenic symptoms, which took me almost 2 years to recover from after last administration. This is not some rare side effect either, there are thousands of cases similar to mine which is why FDA was considering placing a black label on the meds. You might not experience such reaction or you might have a higher threshold for triggering it, which is why I would not risk it in your place. The cytotoxic profile of cipro and related wide spectrum antibiotics poses greater dangers and discomfort than crohn's of any relapse intensity. Not meaning to be too intrusive about it, just letting you know that one should be careful and know the risks when handling these meds.

    happy toking! and try high CBD strains, if you haven't done so yet, they work great for crohn's

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