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Smoking weed in the 1960s/70s

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by dthfromabv79, Nov 14, 2009.


    Wordz Well-Known Member

    I was driving with my friend and he had a qp and got pulled over. The officer put it on the side of the road and told us to wait 5 minutes while he pulled off then we could pick it back up. That was not what I was expecting lol. Another time I was by a lake and had a gram or two and an officer pulled up asked if we were drinking or had marijuana so I gave up my sack(we were underage and had a cooler full of booze like 5ft into the woods) and he emptied it out into the lake and told us to leave. I figured the weed would get me in less trouble than the booze in the woods. those are my good expiriences with police. My bad expirience is I had a quarter and got arrested and interrogated about where it came from/ who I was going to sell it to. I told them I was more afraid of the people who sold it too me than I was of the police lol. they probably asked where it came from 50 times and they kept trying to get me to say I was on my way to sell it. Silly police, I'm smart enough not to believe them when they say they'll let me go if I rat nor would i for anything drug related. If I saw a murder or rape or something like that you're goddamn right I'd talk to the police.

    panhead Well-Known Member

    Ah the 80's,i hated the fukin 80's,in the 70's they let me off with a warning,in the 80's they arrested me,stold & auctioned off my home as well as motorcycles,cars & motor home,took all bank accounts,left my wife homeless & on foot whlie i served 2.5 years in prison for manufacturing a controled substance,then got paroled to pay over 10K more in fines to the system.

    It's ironic that due to my wifes illness im now legal to grow the same substance ,in the same state where they put my picture in the paper & stole all my possesions under the guise of helping the community,for 25 years after that i wouldnt bring more than a few lousy grams of weed into my home,now im legal to possess 2.5 ounces for my wife.

    TrynaGroSumShyt Well-Known Member

    funny how things change.. gr8 story

    dthfromabv79 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the recollections everyone, it's definitely interesting to hear. I would really like to try one of these power hitters, I may have to make my own out of a mustard container or something.

    Did anyone smoke blunts back in the day?
    First Time Growin

    First Time Growin Active Member

    Yeah, we need a pic of this power hitter.

    Oldreefer Well-Known Member

    Was in college in the 60's and seldom heard anything, much less saw weed......heavy drugs were pretty much the thing.
    I started smoking weed in 1970 after I saw some people having so much fun getting high and chasing land crabs on the beach....
    ....weed was 10 bucks a "lid"...once we got hold of some high priced stuff....30 bucks .....smoked so much of it, we all tripped and got sick.......hash was a lot more available...... not sure if weed is stronger now or just more refined but it is different.......but I do still chase land crabs every chance I get!:bigjoint:

    Woodstock.Hippie New Member

    Picture a 100 dollar doobie inside of a two liter bottle on a stem with one end poking out of the lid.

    How far away can you catch the smoke?

    The real question is if hash is any stronger, not weed.

    Trichomes have always been trichomes.

    Since the evolution of the sieve, hash has been refined like green crack.

    Have you seen Cheech park his lowrider?

    I wish herbs were as potent today as they were then.

    There is a Europeanish shaman mummy recently found in China that was buried with his stash.

    I wonder if it was a sativa?

    2much Active Member

    lol. i used a corncob pipe for yrs, but mainly it was zig zags .the 10 dollar 5 finger lid.my first puff was at the mudslide at the age of 12 .back when bags had seeds in them.acapulco gold, panama red, ah shit, dont get me started.lol

    TrynaGroSumShyt Well-Known Member


    Puffster Well-Known Member

    my first q.p. in 1973 had 56 grams of seeds an stems.now thats scwag
    ganja grower420

    ganja grower420 Member

    power hitters are really good. did anybody had a bayou blaster?

    dthfromabv79 Well-Known Member


    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    my mommy said she had a really nice hash pipe int he 70s and my aunt whos abit older said she used to use 2 liter coke bottles, and they used to use joints alot

    stillfree Active Member

    i am not of your era but i totally agree i have family from then and some of which still hold the gens of those great landrace strains and let me tell yuh yuh are 100 true those highs are the best and really up lifting now adays its talk a
    bout "purps this and "purps that... everything does just make yuh tired now adays haha i still remember the time i brought some dense purple shit(didnt no the name cuz everyone then didnt care as long as it was purple....) but anyways my uncle called it poop weed.... he said "now this is what we call poop weed" at the time is
    t was the funnies thing i heard. well just thought i would share that with ya much love

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