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smoking shatter with the volcano

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by CCCmints, Feb 5, 2014.


    CCCmints Well-Known Member

    i thought i'd share with you all some of my experience with the volcano vaporizer.

    150mg shatter, vaped

    start time: 3:34 p.m. (sesh)
    end time: 4:00 p.m. (sesh)
    end time: 6:30 p.m. (high)

    1) bags filled:
    • 6
    2) taste:
    • very sweet, tangy, and the purest taste i've ever had from marijuana. i can't wait to vape oil blasted from herb that i've grown myself.
    3) temperature setting:
    • 7.5 (classic volcano)
    4) high:
    • stimulating in the beginning, then when i went to work at 5 i started to nod out. some employees noticed but i told em' i was drained from having a cough all week lol. guess i should be more careful with this method.
    5) potency: 5 out of 10
    • 6) duration: 26 minutes (sesh)
    • 3 hours (high)

    bag #1 = faint, pleasant taste. thin vapor.
    bag #2 = extremely pleasant, pure taste. starting to feel it behind my eyes. (3:43 p.m.). almost opaque vapor.
    bag #3 = same as bag #2
    bag #4 = same again
    bag #5 = slightly thicker vapor than bag #1
    bag #6 = barely visible vapor (4:00 p.m.)

    this is by far the best way i've tried yet for smoking concentrates. the taste is absolutely unreal. it's like crystals are falling onto the tip of your tongue. not to mention using rigs requires you to inhale smoke that is of a temperature which your throat is not designed to withstand. think, to heat a titanium nail, how many degrees do you think it must be? i believe it is 2400-2500. a marijuana joint burns at something like 400 degrees. and weed/oil vaporizes for even less than that.
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    CCCmints Well-Known Member

    forgot the pictures


    AlGore Well-Known Member

    Is that the "liquid" chamber? And what is that the shatter is on top of, and where did you get it? Thanks!

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    yea what is it on?

    Texas(THC) Well-Known Member

    damn just sold mine I didn't know they had those!

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    Well I known about the liquid chamber for a while, and it comes with, shit I dunno the right word, essentially a metal sponge disc.

    Kinda looks like the one in his pic only his looks to be made from silica or something.

    TechnicalToker Active Member

    Look like cotton

    smokajoe Well-Known Member

    yea i think he is using cotton! They do sell official discs-damn I gotta bust out my Volcano (get it fixed) and vape out of it!

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    What like cotton tread? I can see that i guess.

    I was thinking about a fretted glass disc but it would run through and into the cano I think.

    Hmmmm, maybe a healthstone or small ceramic disc would work....

    midnitetoak Active Member

    Ok that's awesome & now I'm trying it...thanks for posting vape temps... But I have an arizer & not sure what to use so it doesn't fall through the screen. Thought about putting it on a bed of same strain weed but yeah maybe a hearthstone hmmm

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    I tried it earlier at 400, 420, and max temp on the lil ceramic discs that came with my SSV oil kit, didn't work so well. I think maybe bigger discs.

    Interested to experiment further with volcano and concentrates. Sometimes I'll put a bunch of bubble in with some herb but that gets messy and is wasteful. Although I suppose that will be the case anyway.

    Still wanna know what dude is using btw.

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    you son of a bitch something we agree on.....

    i was thinking fretted glass or maybe even something like fiber glass

    CCCmints Well-Known Member

    aaaaaaaaaaaaand the answer is....GAUZE!!!!

    i just fold it up into a circular shape, then fit it into the filling chamber my volcano came with. the gauze doesn't ignite and there is absolutely no mess whatsoever. i bet you could even take your used gauzes and harvest the hash with an iso extract or something.

    AlGore Well-Known Member

    Haha awesome, I'll have to give that a try.

    Silica wicks are kinda like fiberglass btw twitch.

    CCCmints Well-Known Member

    tried the official concentrate pad, it fucking sucks!

    stick to gauze my friends..

    nme Member

    the gauze method looks solid, but how do you depress the inside valve that lets the vape into the bag?

    CCCmints Well-Known Member

    the gauze is thin, you simply push it down enough so you have enough space to set the little metal connection piece on top of your chamber.

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