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smoking mushroom powder?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by Zeplike, Nov 23, 2009.


    Zeplike Active Member

    So a few friends came over to eat some shrooms and after almost all of them were gone this girl gets a nice pinch of very small pieces and I guess spores or fine ground pieces and puts it over a bowl of dank bud. She and another guy hit it and passed it to me. Immediately I felt it was a dumb idea but we were also drinking four loko's so I said fuck it why not(not sure how that justifies it but oh well:lol:). I tried to light the side and only burn the bud but the cheery burnt it anyways. oh and my friend blew his hit in the kittens face. my friends have great ideas:wall:

    anyways I know it might be retarded and not do anything at but I couldn't tell if there were effects because we were tripping from eating them anyways.

    has anyone done this? could it be real bad for you? obviously it's not going to be a regular thing but I'm just wondering if anyone has knowledge they could impart upon me. try to keep the flaming to minimum if you think i'm a dumbass:dunce:

    Chadwicksuperbud Well-Known Member

    i have done it couple times its nothing to be too worried about

    Chadwicksuperbud Well-Known Member

    There continues to be controversy around whether or not smoking psilocybin/psilocin containing mushrooms can produce a psychoactive effect. On the one side, are those who claim to have tried it and experienced effects. On the other are those who state that psilocybin and psilocin break down at low enough temperatures that a flame would destroy them, as well as those who have tried this method and experienced no effects.

    There is some hypothesis that the issue results from Carlos Castaneda's descriptions, in The Teachings of Don Juan, of a smoking blend used by his teacher. Castaneda describes a blend of 5 plants, including sage and dried, powdered psilocybe mushrooms...the other 3 plants are not identified.

    We have received a few experience reports from those who have tried this method.

    Smoked Mushrooms Experience Reports
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    Bucket head

    Bucket head Well-Known Member

    im pretty sure that 4ho-dmt contained in the fungus is degraded by the temperature of the flame...:leaf:

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Appart from tasteing like shit, I'd limit smokeing to smokeing skins of amanita caps, and even those smell like piss.
    I'd say psychoactive effects from smoked cubes is mostly all in the mind. Kinda like triping off plain paper...placebo.

    And with amanita's you need to smoke quite a few spliffs of this stuff to get anywhere above just a mild buzz... very rewarding when you get it right though.
  6. Psilocin degrades at room temperature. In a somewhat slow way though, but temperatures exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit rapidly accelerate the degradation.

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