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Smoking fan leaves...

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by SleepyBuds, Apr 14, 2007.

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    SleepyBuds Well-Known Member

    So, what's the deal on the story on this one. I've heard both sides, but which is it. Can you smoke fan leaves, especially of some midgrade bagseed, and get stoned? At which point in time in the flowering cycle is this safest and most effective? Thanks...also, if so, how do I properly cut the fan leaves?

    smkpt Well-Known Member

    you can smoke fan leaves, they might get you high but i dont think it is worth smoking them for the high just because they are pretty nasty and give me a headake

    eastlosg1 Well-Known Member

    i once smoked fan leaves , when i had no bud

    Token Well-Known Member

    Yes you can smoke fan leave but the THC content is so low that it won't get you high but good luck.
    Desired User Name

    Desired User Name Well-Known Member

    You can get buzzed from them for a few minutes, nothing near stoned.
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    ive smoked fan leaves in times of desperation ;0/ ........... its not a great buzz, but it stops you gagging for a smoke for a while . i smoke joints though with tobbaco so the taste isnt all that bad ..i dont know if id like to smoke them on a bong or something i reckon it would be pretty disgusting.

    eastlosg1 Well-Known Member

    o is that so i smoke cigarettes in the famine of bud sometimes, but i wouldnt smoke tobacco joints

    rickhighly420 Well-Known Member

    yeah, I smoke cigarettes, but fuck ruining weed by putting TOBACO in it... just my opinion....

    mr.man Well-Known Member

    Smoke mature female leaves after 2 days of drying

    icemassa Well-Known Member

    once dry, i smoke and jar all my trim off of my buds. the trim actually gets me buzzed, but they do have quite a bit of crystals on them. ive tried to smoke just the fem fan leaves but they tasted like crap and gave me a nice head ache. fan leaves are good for one thing, taking in light for your plants, pretty much acting as solar panels for collection of energy. they can be smoked but only if your desperate for a couple minute buzz and sometimes a head ache.

    DRCANNABIS Well-Known Member

    Fan leaves also produce a nice sore throat in addition to the headache. Enjoy.
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    iamamidnitoker Active Member

    It's so sad to see people throw away perfectly good marijuana. The fan leaves may not have much potency but they do have some kick when dried properly. people who throw out bs on smoking the fan leaves should leave it to the pros to keep from getting headaches. its not our fault you cant handle the smoke. if i could, and some day i hope i do, i will do as the natives used to do, throw on a few plants on a bunch of embers and cover myself up with a tent and breath in deeply. yes, thats right, i'll be smoking the whole plant, not just the 'good' parts.

    im a die hard fan of marijuana. but there are just some people who shouldnt smoke... smoke all of the plant, leave nothing to waste because that plant is meant to be smoked.

    1982grower Well-Known Member

    Sorry man. i don't normally argue but what!!! smoking fan leaves is nasty man. yes there is thc there, a little. but damn if you grew the plant properly than why care about 1 % of the total thc of your crop. Wouldn't you just want to smoke some weed instead? Calling people who don't smoke them ametuers? call me 1 then cause i'll just smoke quailty bud. i'll make you a sweet deal though on some fan leaves. theyre the funk!!! comparible to half the best mexican shwag!! so how about it? i'll give ya an ounce for 50

    iamamidnitoker Active Member

    what i do and this works quite well for me, is dry the leaves so they are crispy. crunch them up and mix it in with tobacco i got out of a cig, then pack the empty cig up with the leave/tobacco mix and smoke. i have not gotten a single headache, and i have gotten pretty high considering my plant hasnt even flowered yet. if the high i got so far is a precursor to how potent my shits gonna be, im totally fucked. i wont be able to function once i start smoking the bud.

    1982grower Well-Known Member

    that is simply not true. the thc level could not get you high. placebo!!!

    iamamidnitoker Active Member

    or it might be the pesticide i had to use to get rid of bugs...what ever is going on is working quite well.

    its not a placebo. i can snap myself out of a black out, or a temporary fit of insanity, once i get high i stay high. its not a real strong high, i thought i mentioned that, did you even read the post? or did you just have a hard time understanding it?

    Jointsmith Well-Known Member

    It's probably the Cyanide in the leaves making your head cloudy..... not good for you.

    I wouldn't smoke leaves unless i) I was deperate AND ii) they are covered in Trichs.

    I've smoked DECENT trim for a buzz, thats nasty enough, I wouldn't do normal fan leaves.

    (p.s. this post was pretty condescending for someone on their first grow....)

    1982grower Well-Known Member

    you guys are american

    hooktonponicz Active Member

    ive also smoked them in times of desperation, but it wont get you near high, a light buzz at the most...plus they have a bad taste

    1982grower Well-Known Member

    conclusion. its for noobs who can't yield enough to last till their next grow. sorry but you do your thing while i smoke the funk and still have a feww ounces left over by next crop. if you get high off fan leaves why grow? just by a pound of mex brick weed for 100 bucks. i can tell you would get blew out. noobs!!! offer still stands. i'll sell you my fan leaves for 50 ounce? any takers? virgin lungs i suspect here. come to canada. you wont be able to handle a male plants roots!!! youd get to high!! lololol
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