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Smoke Review: Dinafem's Critical Jack

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by GringoLoco, Jun 14, 2011.


    GringoLoco Well-Known Member

    Smoke Review: Dinafem's Critical Jack

    Heritage: Critical Mass x Jack Herer (Seedfinder)

    Flowered: 59 days

    Method: Aero/DWC (
    Double Stacks)

    Cutting Edge Solutions

    Yield: ~ 60 grams

    Bag appeal: 8 of 10. Buds are dense, chunky, and quite frosty.

    Smell: Pine, Fuel, Chemical, Sour

    Dry Toke: Sour, Chemical, Candy

    Smoke: Tastes of sandalwood, with a hint of skunk. The smoke is smooth yet expansive.

    The High: No creeper here, the high comes on within seconds of exhaling the first hit. While at first the high is quite body heavy, as I continued to smoke it quickly melted into a deep heady high that was almost psychedelic. Not the strongest strains in my arsenal, but the high was well enjoyed and as of yet has expressed a ceiling, hence it earning a permanent spot in the quiver.

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    GringoLoco Well-Known Member

    Thank you :)

    NewbGrower^.^ Active Member

    Nice report!! Looks similar to my Cloud9 from Dinafem.

    Growing247 Member

    I got 1 of these Dinafem Critical x Jack seeds as a freebie from an order from the Attitude along with a Dinafem Seeds Cheese and Dinafem Seeds Super Silver. I'm not a big fan of Spanish seed companies but they are making some progress. Dinafem is one of the better Spanish companies out there, Sometimes I read descriptions of strains written by these Spanish breeders who obviously has limited English language skills. It makes there product look less desirable if they cannot even use correct grammar and syntax to describe the properties of their strain. Also, a lot of the strains I've gotten from Spanish seed companies (not naming names) has been absolute garbage that was turned into hash as soon as it was dried. The situation is getting better now that many Dutch and British seed companies have moved large scale operations to Spain. Still, I will stick to the strains from the West Coast of the US with strains like OG Kush and Bubba. Now, if the Spanish could breed a few strains like that I might change my mind altogether.

    bluesdad Well-Known Member

    watch out for some of thier blue strains,they can have germination problems.dinafem has been the only seed company that ive had this problem with over and over.although i grew thier blue hash and it was DANKKK.smelled like somebody rubbed blueberry jam on a funky armpit.

    BITCHIMME Well-Known Member

    i know this pretty old. but how long did u veg for? how tall were they when u switched to 12/12. and how tall were they when you finished? thanks i just ordered 5 of these babies
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    any strain with jack herer should have SOME psychoactivity as that was the strain given "the holy grail" title. even it's more indica leaning super silver haze sibling has a rep for trippiness. i keep seeing a lot of crosses with critical eg. critical hazes. i'm going to have to look that strain up to see what it's about.

    great reporting there anakin.
    HASHMAN 777

    HASHMAN 777 Member

    image.jpg image.jpg Critical jacks ,,,, mmmmmm tasty!!!
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    couchlock907 Active Member

    Look on the bottom of that joint looks like a face or am I high?

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    The Cloud9 I have had for 5+ years has a sweet tart candy/peppery haze flavor (identical smell)

    The Cloud9 I have has hard/dense haze buds on stretched branches with barely any leaves and sticky after dry.
    It makes your fingers black+sticky after breaking it up. Heady @ first > then sleepy-time ~2 hr later.

    Even the water leaves + stems have Trichomes on them...

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    The Critical is what gives them that beautiful bud structure!
    I am curious about their Critical Kush + Deep Cheese

    kemare Active Member

    Nice buds mate. The Critical Jack is very easy to grow. One of my favorite weed actually.

    GrowUrOwnDank Well-Known Member

    Had a Dinafem CJ Auto. Didn't yield for crap but the effects were off the charts. Still one of the best ever. Dinafem rocks. They always work and are some of the finest genes available. I know this thread is old, but I gotta put my 2 cents in. Also the Amnesia is amazing smoke.

    bluesdad Well-Known Member

    Dinafem White Widow Auto was killer but did not autoflower.she behaved just like a photo plant and yielded over a qp. in a 3 gal pot under the sun.

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