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Small Yellow Flowers On The Buds

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by kainabel666, Jan 5, 2007.


    kainabel666 Active Member

    I know there was a post about it before but there was no conclusion on the post so here we go again... I was wondering what a yellow flower coming out of the bud signifies? is it a bad thing? and if so what can be done about it. any help would be awesome since everyone enjoys a lil smoke.... asap please so my babies can be happy and healthy like they should be

    ViRedd New Member

    First off ... what are you calling "buds?" How long have your lights been turned back to 12/12 ... or have they been turned back?


    kainabel666 Active Member

    the middle crown on my plant is the one with the flower its located about 1 inch and a half down from the tip the crown is about 15 inches long at this point the lights have been at their flowering setting for 24-26 days

    potroast Uses the Rollitup profile Staff Member

    The only yellow growth in a bud that I've seen is a male pollen sack. :cry:

    It may not be, so don't pull the trigger yet.

    Have you taken a close look at it, under magnification? Since you are just starting bud formation, if it is a male flower, then you most likely have a true hermie. If it spews yellow powder, then you'll know.

    If it's just a colorful calyx, then you're OK. :mrgreen:

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    friend and i just cut his crop of white widow. 3lb, indoor , hydro. little male flowers on several buds. i've seen this numerous times before. typically when temps stay to low. if you take one of these little yellow flowers and look at it under a jewelers loop you will see it is a pod with pollen. they usually appear at the final stages of flowering. they seem really weird being there, but like i said 2-1000w = 3lb dried. if there are only a few here and there within otherwise developed female flowers then i would not be to concerned.

    nongreenthumb Well-Known Member

    apart from it not being sinsemilla

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    :-| such is true. the strain of train wreck i grow does this. i hand a 4' plant that had little yellow flowers here and there. i got about 50 mature seeds out of 1/4lb. kinda good kinda bad.:-|

    420time420 Active Member

    i think it would make the plant a female and male mix

    smokingbot Well-Known Member

    sounds like you got nanners son.. keep an eye out for that shit..

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