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Small white dots on the leaves of my marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by diedaggakwagga, Oct 18, 2011.


    diedaggakwagga Member

    Check out if anyone has an idea of what is going on here , im a first time grower for indoor .


    zipmaster Member

    I saw some of this on my plants that I started inside when they were young like yours, kinda just went away as they developed more so I didn't worry about it. Yours look to be doing alright other than the spots though. what kind of light are you using, used any nutes?
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    zipmaster Member

    Also what strain? they look pretty stretched for indoor plants.

    diedaggakwagga Member

    Im guessing its durban poison . Im just giving them just water at the moment . What type of nutrients would you recommend ? . And im using 2 CFLs . 1 85w that generates 5100 lumen's and another that's i think 4500 lumen's .

    zipmaster Member

    You gotta go with smething with a higher N in the NPK ratio for veg, I've used some natural water suluble nutes, 10-1-1 npk. you can always go with fox farm grow big 6-4-4, its pretty widely used with good results, depends on what you want to spend on nutes lol. you can get all purpose nutes with like a 10-10-10 but try and go natural if you can, miracle grow all purpose is pretty nasty and shitty lol. you could prolly use some more light too if possible.

    420keepitgreen420 Active Member


    G00N Member

    i have this too on clones I just got , a lot more though (They came like that) I thought it was mites but duhhhh its not , idk what the hell it is I just dont want it to infect my NL momma

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Are there black dots on the underleaf?

    einsteinus Active Member

    Not pesticide burn that I did for many many years -- if it was they would be KAPUT -- it would basically look like you used ROUND-UP on them -- yours don't look like that if anything they are a little Nitrogen DEF but more them that now I just saying and experimenting with not an expert YET on this but 120W of CFL will give you about what you got. I use 60 or 70 W per plant (4 diff kinds/plant) but that is in addition to all the HID I have stuck up in the ceiling (400W HPS mostly scattered about) the plants far away from the HID lights and literally surrounded by CFLS look a little like yours but the ones closer to the HID canopy's look like something you grow outside (well not exactly but way less "spindly") so far on this board I totally agree with that most all the growers go with the gusto to finish the job -- I of course like to over do everything so by the time I am done I will probally be blind from all the frigging lumen's that I am getting blasted with -- but if my kids are happy - i am happy---MORE LIGHT--MORE BUD -- LESS LIGHT (CLF FINISH) SPINDLY LEAFY FINISH??....check out the enclosed picture and check out the plants on the RIGHT SIDE these look more like yours because they have less HID light 2011-12-01_17-21-34_454.jpg

    LETS BAZE Well-Known Member

    If its not spider mites check ur ph in ur water. A high ph gave me this problem a while back but no biggie

    MrMeanGreen Active Member

    it's spidermite. Who wants to bet £20

    GrowForReasons Member

    Yes blackish brownish underneath
    skoobie dew

    skoobie dew Well-Known Member

    That looks like bug damage, but not spider mite. Possibly thrips? It could be a minor nute def, but I don't think so.
    I dont know

    I dont know Well-Known Member

    thats not spider mite damage its something else

    SpicySativa Well-Known Member

    You guys do realize this plants been dead for years now, right?
    I dont know

    I dont know Well-Known Member

    Oh well lol

    tacomuybueno Active Member

    Yes, but isn't that the whole purpose of these threads?! To share information and let these posts possibly help someone in the future? Like I am doing right now? I think so.

    nofunster New Member

    If there are no mites listen all people think I will be nuts people say all sorts of crappie from heat to humidity if it accumulates near the veins it's tmv, u speak from experience trust me
    CC Dobbs

    CC Dobbs Well-Known Member


    nofunster New Member

    People are going to say that I'm crazy and there going to tell u its heat or pH or how or what are u feeding them .if it starts to uncontrollable accumulate tward the veins of the plant almost the appearance of a fungus it's tmv. I speak from experience

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