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Small white dots on plant leaves??

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by luffs002, May 1, 2012.


    luffs002 Member

    Basically, I'm growing a couple plants on my balcony in the south of Spain, it's been growing for around a month and a week now (not sure what seed it is and still unaware of gender). It warms up during the day 18-23c 65f - 75f and is normally cold at night between 6c - 10c 43f - 50f. Its going to be warmer in about a couple weeks time. However, I've noticed some small white spots on my leaves and I was just wondering what it could be? Could it be spiders? if so how can I stop them?

    (Ive attached two photos, 1 of the white spot and another of the plant (how does she look after 1month and 1 week? There are more spots on the lower leaves but I couldnt really get a picture of them) P5010177.jpg P5010178.jpg
    Many thanks!

    sandiegojack2 Well-Known Member

    Hard to tell by the pic's..when I lived in rota we had problems with spider mite's but neem oil seemed to take care of it and it doesn't harm the plant and is organic..Plant looks fine wishing you the best enjoy the grow and and watch out for the La Guardia Sevia..Ha Ha.! Hope this help's my friend! jack

    missnu Well-Known Member

    Could be water spots, but your plant looks pretty nice overall so I wouldn't worry too much.

    luffs002 Member

    Thanks guys! this website is really good, not full of spammers or assholes just nice people who want to help out a fellow smoker.

    luffs002 Member

    haha yeah la guardia civil can be a bitch! thanks man if i see any spiders or such ill have a look at this oil. Have a good one, peace!
    Boyz N Da Hood

    Boyz N Da Hood Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's not too bad if u start seeing a bunch of small white freckles on the leaves then its definitely spidermites.. U should be able to see small black dots on the underside of the leaves.. If u do just get some azamax and spray em down

    rockyraccoon Member

    Looks like mine did after a morning mist stayed too long. Droplets of water stayed on the leaves, and when the sun came up it uses the water as a magnifier and burns the leaves. Do you water during the heat of the day? Maybe some water was left on the leaves?

    luffs002 Member

    I think thats what it is, did it cause a problem to your plant in the long run? and yeah i water it during the heat of the day

    bonedaddy4u Active Member

    I've seen my share of mites and it dint look like what i've seen you can hold paper under some leaves and tap them. See you can find on the paper with a microscope x30

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