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Small, thin bladed leaves (indica)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by espoker19, Sep 2, 2011.


    espoker19 Active Member

    Hello everyone. About 25 days into 12/12, have 2 bagseed ladies with little nugs starting. Recently the top growth turned a pale green and the leaves came in way thinner and smaller than normal. I know its normal for leaves to start getting smaller when budding, but these leaves don't even look like the lower, fatter, indica leaves. Also the growth has slowed quite a bit, and I think the buds are getting behind. Info:
    Closet grow with FF happy frog mixed with perlite, lime, and unferted organic soil in 5 gallon buckets (transplanted about 3 weeks ago).
    Light: LED 345 watts (290 actual watts)
    Water: Distilled, ph 6.3-6.8 Runoff 6.5-6.8 Water em about every 3 days when top soils dry with about 2-3 gallons.
    Last feed: 2 days ago .8 EC mostly bloom nutes, with 1 tsp molasses, liquid karma, and big bloom.
    Temp/Humid: 40-65% usually, 76 day, 71 night.
    Theyre about 50 days old, havent really flushed em yet, my soil drains really well (maybe too well)..the whole 5 gallon bucket only holds about a gallon of water in the soil.
    Noticed none of my nutes has sulphur in em. Couldn't find nute content of my soil, but if there was sulphur its probably gone. So I misted em with epsom salts at 1/4 TSP with plain distilled yesterday. Leaves got a little greener so far. They are growing really slow and budding slow. I don't know what to do to get the leaves back to normal and get them to grow faster. Any help is greatly appreciated, sorry for the long winded post just wanted to make sure I gave enough info.

    IMG_5974.jpg IMG_5976.jpg IMG_5972.jpg
    uhm uhh wut?

    uhm uhh wut? Active Member

    they arent mature, they will get big over time...

    Destillat Active Member

    are you feeding them? their color seems too light

    lakew00d Well-Known Member

    They look fine to me. just make sure you're feeding the plant bloom food.

    BoogeyMan' Member

    I hate when that happens.

    growone Well-Known Member

    squat indica down low, sativa up high?
    not really that unusual, running something like that right now(brainwreck offspring)
    there are a lot of variations of how hybrids will grow, this is one of them

    espoker19 Active Member

    Appreciate it. Never knew that about the hybrids but it makes perfect sense.

    I'm usually way conservative with the nutes, I had several night mare nute burns, I'll try to up the EC to like 1.2

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