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SMALL POTS,, what happens if I keep my plants in small pots ???

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ECKTOPLAZM, Aug 22, 2011.


    ECKTOPLAZM Active Member

    Hey guys , I was just wondering what would happen if I kept my plants in small pots not too small but small, can they still grow and produce a good yield ?? They are just over 1 foot tall and have a good amount off leaves and nodes.. Thnks eckto

    Canon Well-Known Member

    If you run smallish pots in a slow manual food & drain fashion.. you're good.

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    small pots will get you small yields. example 1 gal pot you might get 3/4 to 1 oz.

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    i would like to see that. that would be impressive.

    Marlboro47 Well-Known Member

    Small pots are good for a bunch of little plants, big pot are good for few plants but bigger.
    Maybe someone with experience can tell us if the bud growing is more potent with bigger stalks/roots.

    bostoner Active Member

    Roots grow mostly in veg. Auxin are the hormone that makes roots grow vigorously, it is also the hormone that makes its way up the plant to initiate flowering. A gallon a month is supposed to be the staple but I current have a little side spot in 12 cup pots ( less than 3/4 gallon) vegged for a month. I have no idea why people say transplant before flower because the roots barely grow. Harvested plants in the side spot usually yield about 3 quarters dry but inspecting the roots of harvested plants show that even if it was a just ready to flower I wouldn't have transplanted to a bigger pot. Small containers make small plants but the yield is usually comparable in ratio to the size of the plant to bigger plants with the same genetics. If your roots get crowded it leads to stretching which has a negative effect on yield and the nodes wont fill up. So in conclusion I flirt with the edge of small size pots and found its not very easy to crowd a plants roots given proper watering drainage and veg time. Obviously you arent going to veg out a 3+ foot plant in a gallon or even 2, And over and under watering will lead the stretching of the roots by being drown or thirsty.

    chasmtz Active Member


    Canon Well-Known Member

    Bostonian,, like your thoughts and reasonings. While I feel not exactly spot-on,, the theme is there and that's the point.
    For small pots, think hydro. Don't count the dirt as a "dirt grow" as such. Consider it a medium instead and apply hydroponic techniques. It works. And works well as a hybred growing technique.
    Ive grown that way and as a compromise of techniques, I've felt I capitolized well in limited room enviroments along with the stability of dirt farming. Sorta like the best of both worlds?

    growone Well-Known Member

    i had bad experience with a small pot
    i used the lower half of a gallon jug, so about 2 quarts
    organic soil grow, plant hated that small pot, wouldn't grow for crap
    it was a clone that i had run before, and would perform fine in 2 gallons
    transplanted out of that small pot, and bang, it recovered in days

    reverof Active Member

    Small pots = smaller plants and lower yields, for a typical indoor grow a 3gal pot is normally sufficient. I grow a different strains, start in rockwool cubes, plant in 1gal pots, then 1 week before flowering I transplant to 3 gallon pots, they finish out there.

    I did a side by side usign a 1gal pot vs a 3gal pot and the 3 gal pot plant ended up almost twice as big and yielding twice as much.

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