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Small bugs in soil

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by aktopjian, Jul 11, 2008.


    aktopjian Active Member

    Hi, I have these small bugs in my soil, very small and kinda whitish clear looking. Only see them when the top of the soil is wet. I tried doing a search to find a way to kill them but didn't come up with anything. Was wondering if watering with some insecticide soap stuff is a bad idea?

    assrabbi Well-Known Member

    dont do that YET!!! get some sterile play sand and put about an inch or more on top of your soil (give it a good watering a few hours before) the sand will dry out the top of the soil and the eggs and all those little mites will die too, if that doesnt work (but it will) look up soap mixtures to kill insects. all I'm saying is that you can get rid of them without exposing your plants to soap, which is bad, the sand should take those little critters out, try n do it quick....and tell us what happens!
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2008

    MrFishy Well-Known Member

    Sounds like possible fungas-gnat larva. Recently read they can be seen on top after watering, and/or floating around in the wash/excess. To check for these, place a slice of raw potato on top of the soil for a while. Gnat larva will infest the slice IF that's the problem.
    If it is, you can do the sand thing, or just keep replacing the slices until they come up clean.
    Good Luck

    aktopjian Active Member

    Hey thanks for the ideas, Ill try the sand and the potato thing in the morning and let you know how it goes. Off to the store in the morning to buy sand and potato's

    kazumaa Active Member

    Thrips. my plant has thrips to im trying to figure how to get rid of them.

    aktopjian Active Member

    One quick question about the sand thing. Do i water the dirt then put the sand on that or do i put the sand on the soil and then water them together?

    assrabbi Well-Known Member

    Yay thrips and springtails!!! Do you like lady bugs??? Theyre really quite beautiful, if you have a semi-sealed room, go buy a container at a garden store or pet store and set them free in there. Thrips will litterally suck the juices out of your plant and chew the leaves. Lady bugs love them!!! really get some lady bugs, theyre awesome! not only will they kill your thrips they'll kill anyother little gnats or whatever that may stumble across your baby! If not look into killing them with a light ivory soap mixture, look elsewhere for that recipe. but the lady bugs are an awesome enviromental organic way to get rid of pests especially THRIPS.

    assrabbi Well-Known Member

    give your soil a good dose of water a few hours before you lay the sand down. The goal with the sand is your drying out the top layer of soil because the eggs need moisture to live, so you want to give your babies a drink cause you cant water them for several days. I'd say once drooping is noticeable and your pot or planting container is really light water again. but your trying to dry out those eggs.

    aktopjian Active Member

    Sand has seemed to do the trick. amount of bugs is really going down. Didnt notice much on the potatoes though.

    jankobubba Active Member

    I'm going to try the sand to see if that will work. Their just in the bottom of the medium. the lady bugs keep getting out.

    wozb529 Well-Known Member

    never heard of that. good luck man

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