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Slow Growth Autoflower Deimos

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by olylifter420, Apr 19, 2011.


    olylifter420 Well-Known Member

    HEllo everyone,

    a "friend" of mine has this problem with an autoflower he got about 3 weeks ago.

    ANyways, it has been at about 2in for the past 9 days. It has the first single leaf set with the second leaf set that turned yellow towards the center of leaves.

    He flushed it with distilled water, but it is still the same. He did plant a WW and they both sprouted on the sameday, but the WW has really taken off and left the Deimos behind.

    The soil is as follows:

    Jiffy organic potting mix
    MG organic potting mix
    MG perlite
    Earthsafe bat guano
    Dr. Earths starter organic fertilizer with great microbial life and mycorrizhae
    MG organic bone meal

    Is the soil mix good?

    Thank you all for you help

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