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slow development in flowering?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Slothman94, Jan 26, 2013.


    Slothman94 Member

    Hey this is my first grow so im not really sure but my blueberry plant is 3 and a half weeks into flowering and i just get this feeling that its trailing behind on development. like I said it is my first grow so im not sure but it seems like flower development is quite 'small' to maybe what it should be, I don;t know, what do you guys think?
    Also if you can see whats up with my plant that would help too, leaves are starting to get a yellowy tinge to them. Great if you could help
    20130126_105209.jpg 20130126_104550.jpg 20130126_104526.jpg 20130126_105249.jpg

    Shivaskunk Well-Known Member

    How old was it when you put it in flower?
    What kind of lights?

    It looks fairly on par. Maybe more like 2 1/2 to 3 weeks

    Shivaskunk Well-Known Member

    Oh yellowing, did you switch to bloom nutrients right at light switch?

    Slothman94 Member

    not literally right away. I'm using fox farm nutrients and started adding tiger bloom a couple of days after, first at half strength then worked up

    Shivaskunk Well-Known Member

    How about some cal/mag? What starting ppm is your water?

    *BUDS Well-Known Member

    Great if you could help
    View attachment 2497043 View attachment 2497042 View attachment 2497046 [/QUOTE][/QUOTE]

    Bit more than a tinge bro they are yellow as all fuck. Too early bro for this much yellowing and your final weight affected. Either the ph is out or pot too small.

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