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slight bud rot. Yellowing leaves

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by shagratt, Jan 2, 2012.


    shagratt Active Member

    Can you dry and smoke buds that are starting to rot slightly? They are just turning yellowish, there is no fuzzy stuff on the buds and they dont smell too bad. Right now they kinda smell a little like oranges....Im pretty sure ive smoked buds that were the exact same way before.
    What do yall think? DSCN3725.jpg I had to chop the very lowest nug off 1 plant and like an ounce worth of lower buds off of another. Im thinking about just chopping the most affected one so the other 2 plants will have better airflow. I had them kinda crowded, and it got foggy for like 2 days in a row. Humidity went up to 71 for like an hour, then i was able to bring it to 68 for the rest of those 2 days by closing my outside air and using more air from in the house. The 1 plant that was positioned in the back middle of the tent with the least airflow seems to have taken the most damage. I just cut it down to prevent and further damage. The buds all look safe to smoke, lol my dad just threw one in the microwave untill it was smoking in the microwave with weed smoke lol. The bud came out crispy and had a tiny bunt spot, but it got me baked and i feel great, and it didnt even taste too bad either. The humidity is 55 right now, and im gonna trim the 3 remaining healthier plants up. Keep an eye on humidity and the lower buds where the rot started.

    Yea so, if anyone ever notices their leaves are going a little yellow on the lower buds that's not normal. Its the beginning of bud-rot and can be mistaken for a deficiency.

    One more thing, I just shined led light on my nugs with a little magnifier. The trichomes are fucking crazy looking... They are all clear/cloudy except for the trichome head which is super dark purple.Wtf I have never seen this. Is it because of a reaction to mold or something? I wish I could take a pic it makes it look like there is little specs of shit all over my buds! But trust me, its purple trichome heads!

    dudeomg1 Member

    bump i hope u get an answer because i would like to know as well

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