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Skunk #1

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Islandersrock34, Apr 7, 2010.


    Islandersrock34 Member

    Strain: Skunk #1
    Growth: Very good
    Nutes: Mexican and jamaican Bat Guano
    Yield: HIGH YEILD VERY large buds they get big during flowering
    Bag Appeal: 9
    Smell: 10 stinky stinky
    Taste: Take the best taste in the world and multiply that by a billion and you get skunk #1 very flavorful its hard to explain very strong fruit mr. clean taste
    The High: Insane.. buzzed on the spot long time smoker very long lasting
    Comments: This strain is amazing I dont know if it gets enough credit its hard to match skunk #1
    Happy Leaf

    Happy Leaf Well-Known Member

    I want some seeds of this real bad.

    sambo020482 Well-Known Member

    i saw some skunk#1 crossed with NL at the wkend the person growing them aint got a clue! they dont get no nutes only water, they got no space there was 5 ina small wardrobe i could go on with his mistakes but my point is even after all that abuse the buds on them plants were BIG i can only imagine what it would av looked like grown properly, skunk#1 is a very hardy strong plant.

    Handson Active Member

    I agree mate, one of the best weeds I've ever smoked.

    Really peppery fruity taste, 12 regular had, 10 females, 2 pheno types, one tasted of mango, just one plant, was crazy man.

    I'd personally give this strain 10 out of 10

    First 2 pics are the pepper fruity tasting, third is the mango.

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    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    What breeder? So many sell Skunk#1

    Handson Active Member

    Sensi seeds I used.

    Sneaky breeders put it under different names, Mr Nice calls his shit seeds LOL
    Pipe Dream

    Pipe Dream Well-Known Member

    How bout you islander...what breeder did you use? I got some Flying Dutch ones I've been wanting to grow.

    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    Thx for the reply Handson.

    I was looking at the G-13 Skunk #1 but they are out. I'm a little leery of Sensi because the last time I got screwed with 3 different strains. Every Maple went herm and every Cali hermed. The NL grew like crap. All garbage from Sensi. I ordered them from Attitude about a year ago. They were all regular seeds. At first I blamed myself, but the G-13's were growing right next to them and they were awesome.

    The female freebies from G-13 all turned out awesome. Still cloning them now and my every day smoke is the Purple Haze. I really want to try the Skunk #1 out. That and the Pineapple Express :shock:

    Handson Active Member

    Some more pics, they are old now though.

    The buds were solid and dense.

    I haven't had a better skunk since

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    Islandersrock34 Member

    I'm not sure of the breeder I picked up some clones

    Handson Active Member

    It was a good strain for cloning. Wish that mother was still going, deserved a funeral LOL

    smokie927 Active Member

    You can get seeds off the attitude website,I think their is a link above. I got some skunk #1 seeds from their although I haven't grown them yet to know if they are authentic,I think they are just a third party dispenser not sure what seed bank they get them from though. Goodluck,Oregon the chronic state. Ps: they werent that expensive for a ten pack either.

    Johnnyorganic Well-Known Member


    Crazy easy to clone.

    Excellent strain.

    Old School.

    DR. RESINTHUMB Active Member

    Sensi seeds has the original skunk# 1 seeds...i ordered from attitude a while back and got 6 freebie fem skunks...5 were female....they grow dense,stinky,fruity and the smoke for me is unrivaled...kinda like the taste of a handful of tropical jolly ranchers..and they are one of the cheapest seeds available

    themanwiththeplan Well-Known Member

    the original skunk #1 is from seedsman (which is why its called "original skunk #1")

    unless i have two stories mixed up skunk #1 originates from the 1970's in California (specifically the bay area if i remember correctly). the person who has the original strain owns/works (not sure which) for seedsman seeds (i believe his name was sam something or other).

    the rest (imo) are knockoffs and to prove it im growing it out this next grow ;)

    themanwiththeplan Well-Known Member

    got this from seedsman's description of "original skunk #1" from the attitude:

    Skunk No.1 feminized seed from the Seedsman industry is the strain that changed cannabis cultivation. The original Indica-Sativa hybrid that has astonished weed lovers for more than a quarter-century is now also available as a feminized variety.
    Usually, Skunk #1 regular seeds better perform indoors under lights rather than in the wild, but it will also thrive in "greenhouse environments". Her sticky crystals contain as high as 8.1% of THC. However, the more intensively nurtured, cultivated and loved the Skunk marijuana is, the better the yield and the higher the THC content.

    Seedsman Skunk #1 marijuana is typically early maturing (flowering period 7-11 weeks), stable and highly potent with a relatively good yield of 100 gr. of dried product per plant. Growth and flowering are mostly indica in appearance, though mature plants gain more height than pure indicas when blooming. The extra-dark green of this strain’s foliage comes from her Afghan ancestors. Flowering is very fast and Skunk #1 produces robust stems and branches to support her superior yields. The maximum high is 120-150 cm. Short internode gaps explode into dense, rounded bud-clusters which merge into huge, heavy colas by harvest time with a sweet pungent skunk smell and taste with a stunning combination of stone and high!
    Her irresistibly pleasant sweet spicy taste and smell in combination with high narcotic, almost psychedelic effects, give her high medical values and make her irreplaceable in international cannabis markets.

    best part: $8 per single bean/$35 for 5 pack/$66 for 10 pack (fem's) cant afford NOT at least try and grow it out at that price.

    trichomedome Active Member

    sensi have the no1 :clap: no1 skunk and prob nothern lights aswell imo. TCD

    trichomedome Active Member

    Yep me to freebies from attitude seeds, i got osirus,tutan kamun,anastasia and 2 others but the ones mentioned imo there all good. so now i have 5 mthrs i,m working through them to get the two best types ?

    BUT I HAVE HAD 2 SMALL BITS OF BUD ROTT ! FROM THE OSIRUS TWICE IN A ROW. I have an ecotech fan controler looking after the r.h and temp so i,d say the osirus is prone to bud rott/botrytis. the 1st grow there was another 4 types none were afected only the osirus. TCD
    Dizzle Frost

    Dizzle Frost Well-Known Member

    i grow Sweet Skunk from Peak SeedsBC , its Skunk #1 renamed and its real good

    taekwondoguy Well-Known Member

    Was carbon filter able to take care of all the smell. I've heard Mr nice has original, he was orig. founder of GH. Its a 7 week strain and smoke reports i've heard are nothing but positive.

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