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Skinny seedling stems!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by DFCsmoker, Oct 15, 2008.


    DFCsmoker Well-Known Member

    So me and a buddy recently planted 2 seeds and they sprouted and they are about 1 week to 1 week 1/2 tall... and the seeds seem really skinny but growth is looking nice on top. They are in a big cabinet there is a 2' flourescent fixture about 3 inches above plants.

    Also one more quick question: In a standard dixie cup (you know the blue and red ones) how big can you let the seedlings get before its time to transplant?? I only wanna do one transplant and we want them to be a bout a foot tall and were gonna flower them.

    help and thanks!:bigjoint:

    DFCsmoker Well-Known Member

    oh and one more quickie....how often should you water seedlings.....i said not very often but my buddy says every other day??

    Gorlax Well-Known Member

    To get stronger stem add a fan to gently blow on the seedlings.

    I would not keep them in those cups after a week, roots develop really fast

    For watering make sure you holes in the cups, pots for good drainage. Water when the soil is dry to the touch and water till till you have about 10% runoff.

    I would recomand you and your buddy to hit the GROWFAQ

    DFCsmoker Well-Known Member

    ok thanks for the info, there is a fan blowing on them and as for the growfaq ive grown before. But i think ill go ahead and transplant them asap....which size pots?? Should I transplant them straight to 3 gallon for thier final home all the way through flowering??
    and if anyone knows a good deal on a 400 watt hps let me know.

    anthony6969 Active Member

    if youv grown before why all the questions, its usually a gallon for every foot of growth so it depends how big your gunna grow them, make sure you have drainage holes in the bottom of the cups, when u see a root pokin through 1 of the drainage holes you no its time to transplant them

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