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size of gallon pots

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by daviaces, Jul 21, 2010.


    daviaces Well-Known Member

    hi folks i am interested if anyone knows the size of 2 gallon and 3 gallon plant pots
    ie diameter of pots or sides sizes if square pots

    i am trying to plan a way to maximise yield in my small growspace 20" length x 14" wide x 36"height adjustable up to 60" height and am thinking thru a few options

    basically 1 plant with lst with a big pot


    3 week rotation system with lowryders so 3 plants at 1 time in 2 gallon pots or 3 gallonpots if possible

    so if anyone could help me out with pot sizes espec 2 gallon and 3 gallon i would much appreciate it thanks

    thalboy Active Member

    Its going to depend on what type of container you get. Plastic planters, buckets, grow bags, smart pots, and air pots are all going to have a different foot print. If I had to guess an average I would say that 3 gallon pots usually take up 1 sq ft of space, some a little more some a little less. 2 gallons are going to be slightly smaller, 5 gallons about 40% bigger.

    I don't do any autoflowerers, but based on their autoflowering ability alone I don't think trying to grow one big plant will work well for you. With non auto strains you either grow a few big plants under the light or a lot of little plants.

    Crypnotic Active Member

    I'm no expert but I use 10 quart buckets (2 1/2 gallon) and the diameter is 10 inch and the height is 8 inches. I buy them at Ace Hardware. I use a four plant system that takes up a 20x20x72 space. Hope this helps.

    daviaces Well-Known Member

    thanks 2 and 1/2 gallon b perfect

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