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Sinsemilla vs. Consemilla

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Dr.J20, Jun 9, 2012.


    Dr.J20 Well-Known Member

    Ok guys, we all know that sinsemilla is the most desirable form of cannabis from the perspective of quality... I.e we all pretty much agree that sinsemilla is the best bud.
    thats why we talk about males and females: males make pollen to fertilize the girls who then produce seeds so that the genetics can pass down to the next generation (now held within the seed). In absence of the male's pollen, the unfertilized female allows her calyxes to swell, no energy is used to produce seed, and so all the energy can go towards producing the cannabinoids we're looking for.

    those horticulturalists on here who know more precisely about the functioning of sinsemilla growing, please correct this oversimplification in response to my question, which is this: How much difference is there in the potency of a fertilized female (what i have taken the liberty to call a "consemilla" plant) and an unfertilized female? Does anyone know this info?
    be easy
    brewing up

    brewing up Well-Known Member

    it takes longer for the plant to make seeds so you will probibly have a late harvest full of couch lock and seeds

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    seeds only take about 6 weeks to fully mature, i've yet to find a strain that finishes in 6 weeks personally...

    i don't think sensi is anymore potent, but that's what people want today as it's simply easier to smoke bud that is seedless, plus you get more bud for your money over seeded bud..
    i believe that is simply why we all prefer sensi over seeded bud, and not because sensi is more potent..

    and look back to bud in the 60s and 70s, it was almost always seeded, yet plenty of people say it was the most potent bud they have ever smoked, so idk..
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    having just bred a bunch of plants, i didn't see any serious effects on QUALITY of the buzz when conned, but all of the plants put so much energy into making seeds that SCROG pruning proved too much for the gals and they put all of their energy into making seeds until their remaining fan leaves gave all of their energy & fell off. the plants i hadn't topped & pruned fared much better though.

    you might not get any more potency of of making sinse, but your gals will keep working hard right up to the end trying to get knocked up making more bud & resin. the yield will be much better without having to make seeds.

    i prefer seeded bud myself, especially if i'm buying, as that's how you get (or give) more plants. i'd hate to try and get seeds out of a dense indica though as even sativa doms can be a pain to crack open for beans.

    in the future, i'm sticking with controlled breeding and pollinating a bud or two per strain at a time using the paintbrush tech. then the gals can all keep making bud with only a little energy going to seeds. seeding & cash cropping don't mix.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    well, actually, if you're looking to cash crop, seeds make wayyyyyyyyyy more money then bud.. imagine how many seeds are in a fully seeded plant... 10 beans for about $60, you do the math...

    ANC Well-Known Member

    I got hundreds or thousands swazi seeds, maybe I should go into business :)

    throwdo Well-Known Member

    i got so many mexican seeds its not evan funy

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    you should anc, i'd bet legit swazi seeds aren't the easiest of things to get unaltered and unmolested.. :)

    Dr.J20 Well-Known Member

    oh ok so no potency issue but less bud and resin production, is this also the case with an intersex/hermie? that is, are hermies as potent?

    i recognize this is probably dumb

    ANC Well-Known Member

    No, it is realy. They don't do the brick thing here, well they do for export, but the stuff you buy almost always will have seeds in here.

    Range of phenos are quite wide but they moslty vary in how hard sativa they go. I like laying out a good couple of seeds and then keep the best plants to flower outdoors, which takes realy long compared to indoor grows.
    I'm trying to come indoor, but my damn clones just aren't taking. got them in a bucket with a lid with foam inserts and a fine sprayer underneath in 21C water.... but they are not rooting yet, more than 10 days later.

    Mohican Well-Known Member

    Always takes me 20 days to get roots. You will be fine.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Awesome, at least the long wait allowed the moms with the purple pheno to stand out a bit (doing a purple sativa grow).
    This is the second batch of clones though, I stuck the first batch in coco/perlite, but the cold got all but 2 of 12.
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    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    my math is you want seeds? here soak these in water overnight, pop them down to the bottom if you can. soak them another 24 hours, and put them in some good dirt with lots of shit in it & tell me how it went the next time you see me. $1 a bean is plenty to me, but i only grow so i can smoke. i don't like paying much more than $5 a bean myself either. there's plenty of really good stuff at the low end of the market.

    i'm not a fan of $20+ beans at all. i guess if you're in it for profit that's not an issue or if you just clone, but should a single MJ plant REALLY be worth enough to buy a ferrari? (and why would any sane mother earth loving person want to?)

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