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Simple Weed Tea!!!!!!!!(in the microwave)

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by turbotsr, Nov 26, 2008.


    turbotsr Active Member

    well this is how i make my tea and it works REALLY well

    take some bud
    crush it up
    put it in the tea cup (large preferably)
    add milk whole fat not skimmed
    some honey or sugar
    add some water

    put in microwave till it boils
    be careful that it doesn't boil over because your cup is tooo full.
    when it reaches a boil stop it and stir
    then put it back for like a min again and let it sit for like a min or so
    then you just strain out the weed
    and i put ice in it and drink it

    works like a charm
    can take it anywhere in a bottle or cup or thermos and no one will ever know what it is ;) :weed:
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    tDot. Well-Known Member

    Nice I wanna try this.

    Jobo Well-Known Member

    Hows the taste?

    turbotsr Active Member

    to be honest it tastes kinda like weed but what i do sometimes is just put a regular tea bag in with it and it tastes like normal tea.........

    Forsaken5678 Well-Known Member

    I've been making some really good tea from a recipe I found.

    Disclaimer----I eyeball all my measurements!!! Sorry!!!!!

    First I take whatever buds, stems, etc I'm going to be using and grind them up in a grinder. Then I open a tea bag and pour the contents out and replace it with the ground up weed. Then re-staple the bag shut and put it in a pot of water with some butter (not margarine!). Bring it to a boil and the let it simmer.

    After it's been simmering for about an hour or so I add a regular tea bag (any flavor you want really), about a cup or two of whole milk, cinnamon, and sugar. Bring that back to a boil and then let simmer for 15 minutes or so. Then I add some vanilla and let it boil for about 30 seconds or so (constantly stirring) and then it's done! Add to a large mug or two and grate some fresh nutmeg over it.

    Taste amazing (no bud flavor at all!) and seriously fucks you up! Drank a glass last time before I went to Disneyland and had the time of my life!

    Sorry about not having any exact measurements but it's cooking not rocket science. :)

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    tDot. Well-Known Member

    Forsaken, you should invest in a tea ball. It would waste less tea bags.


    Forsaken5678 Well-Known Member

    I've been meaning to but I never remember. lol last thing on my mind when im at the store is a tea ball. one of these days...

    dannyking Well-Known Member

    teaball?? ha that sounds filthy.

    turbotsr Active Member

    so ne one else tried it ?
    what i like is how long the high lasts

    Tomogchi Well-Known Member

    when you ingest it through the stomache it takes longer (15 minutes or so to feel effects), but it last longer than if it was smoked. When ingested through tea, you may by high for an hour and a half to two hours vs smoking. But this all depends on how strong the tea is, etc, etc..

    *edit* i thought the guy above was asking how long is lasted...... My bad lol I'll go back to smokin my nightly j and watching superjail lol..

    mistaphuck Well-Known Member

    unless baked into a delicious confectionary, all my weed is going into my lungs

    moon47usaco Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of having incognito versions of my favorite poison no mater what kind they be... =]

    But it always BOILS down to efficiency for me... No haste no waste... =]

    Something like that... =]

    mistaphuck Well-Known Member

    dude i worship your signature calvin and hobbes kick ass

    Forsaken5678 Well-Known Member

    what the guy above me said...calvin and hobbes rule!

    Budsworth Well-Known Member


    tDot. Well-Known Member

    I agree. Calvin and Hobbes is the best. Good times.

    turbotsr Active Member

    hmmmm what i do to speed up the process is smoke a cig
    by the time i finish wash up the cup walk around a bit and finish smoking it usually starts to hit :D

    oldgregg Active Member

    How much to put in? like a finger nail size nug would be enough?

    Forsaken5678 Well-Known Member

    i would put at least a gram.
    the streeker1

    the streeker1 Active Member

    just got done making a cup of the microwaveable stuff first i added half water half milk pinch of suger and microwved it till it boiled, when i opend the microwave the smell of weed was so strong good thing my parents are asleep haha stired then set it in for another min then added more suger and put ice in, the mixtuer in the cup smelled like weed and tasted like it so i added more milk and suger still tasted and smelled like weed then i added just a spoonful of butter and stirred it as it melted and the weed taste was gone and now it tastes good still smells kinda like weed tho

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