Simple hash pass. Make quality Water hash, free.

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    MrKhola Well-Known Member

    This might be helpful to some as it's my basic method to make hash from trim on a budget. It was origionally a reply to a post on using plant matter but it was so long I thought it may be of use.
    It can be done anywhere and most people have the suitable equipment in their kitchen. It's been done in a similar way with as little as 7 grams+ of dry buds- but we were dying for some hash, I would obv reccomend more!

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    Jack747 Well-Known Member

    Good read. Ill be sure to try this when I'm short of materials.

    indecline Active Member

    Ill have to try this i have about an ounce or more of trimmings which i have just been shaking around and sprinkling the powder from the bottom of the box onto a joint, i gues its the same stuff just not as fine.

    MrKhola Well-Known Member

    Oh it is! :) Just a little fiddly and time consuming compared to expensive bubble-bags etc..

    I've refined my technique a little now (3 yrs on!) but the basics are the same... Make the trich's nice n' 'stiff' with coldness and just remember THC/hash is non water-soluble..

    Have tried many diff screen alternatives but still find cheap nylon gives a great result!!

    Enjoy Indecline! I too am down to my trim now :( .... roll on the Jacky White!!

    Peace to all

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