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Silver Cheese By Big Buddha

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by doby mick, Mar 24, 2012.

    doby mick

    doby mick Active Member

    WELL i have grown out super silver Cheese by R.D.G. and was inpressed with it but i wonder what the buddha one is gonna be like, if its anythink like RDG one will be well pleased, time too build a fatty :joint:

    dankerous Active Member

    Well seems big buddha are now just strain thieves, La cheese was DNA's ,The Tahoe that he even copied sweves packaging for,and so on I used to respect them as a company,now I just see them as hacks,so it will be a case of buy a load of RDG silver cheese pick one they like,and self it I imagine,


    dankerous Active Member

    Funniest thing being Milo bitched n moaned when greenhouse n him worked together of feminizing his cheese,n then arjan under cut him,didnt steal his packaging just under cut him,and now he goes n does the same with other peoples strains but also copies their packaging too.

    painkillerman Active Member

    all seed company's steal other work at some point intime its buissness

    dankerous Active Member

    Im aware I work in the head industry,I just think its funny that now instead of stealing like they used to,like buy a pack of regular white widow(for instance) from a few different breeders cross them sell it as white widow,now they just buy feminized seeds and self them,and that is if they arent buying them from bulk seed cos n just putting them in their packaging,there is literally only a few seed companys I would deal with myself.I mean I am crossing 2 completely different genetics at the moment as part of a experiment really,and I have done more breeding work than most of these breeders,for one I have used a true female x male,,I just think the industry is becoming a massive joke full of hacks that just want your cash,


    ReVo Member

    dank you seem to know what you talkin but big budda cheese is a nice strain
    doby mick

    doby mick Active Member

    Revo you hit the nail right onthe head, i dont realy get into all this bitching, i like the B.B.C. and couple of the other strains but also like some of the dinafem stuff aswell as sweet seeds,and Emerald Triangle seeds blue hemp to mention just a few, i dont care where the genetics come from as long as the finished artical is nice, who gives a fuck

    dankerous Active Member

    While I agree with what you are both saying entirely, next time you get some cheese seeds,go for dreadys cheese by dready bob,it the exodus x male skunk#1 back crossed for many generations,every one I know that has had the big buddha one then had that says its a better representation :), I mean cross a skunk with afghan and its no longer skunk,its like crossing a terrier with a poodle n selling it as a terrier,and will only cost you £8 more or $14 what ever currency you use
    doby mick

    doby mick Active Member

    Fair comment Dankerous, i see where you are coming from and am starting to think that through, but that can be hard, when stoned, if you know what i mean.
    E M

    E M Active Member

    Heres some information from big buddah himself [video=youtube_share;SzXVn16WJ_g]http://youtu.be/SzXVn16WJ_g[/video]

    dankerous Active Member

    Yeah I know what I am saying guys,as lets just say I am on the inside looking out,while you guys are on the outside looking it,its my business to know this stuff :)

    Ravenchild Well-Known Member

    Funniest thing is its never the breeder complaining always sum grower unless its sum pure
    landrace what hasn't been crossed by sumthing else or a breeder another funny thing about the
    whole tahoe deal is at first it only came in reg seed but when everyone seen bb tahoe its a fem
    then cali conn cums out with fems don't get me wrong cali conn is one of my favorite

    tongue001 Member

    Really thought Milo was a decent dude, but after seeing what has been unfolding lately, He have kind of put be off from supporting him. First it was the LA cheese he tried to claim now it is the tahoe og and super silver cheese. Dam dude need to stop riding other people wave of success. Don't get me wrong he does have some nice strains which i think he should spend more time stabilising instead of trying to benefit from others hard work.

    resinousflowers Well-Known Member

    milo is friends with dna,he even thanks them in his last few videos he did with the attitudeseedbank and urban grower.
    also all breeders copy from each other,i mean big buddha is known as the cheese man,and now ppl are crossing cheese with alot of strains.
    ofcourse he didnt create cheese tho.

    resinousflowers Well-Known Member

    but he said the super silver cheese is a collab he did with greenhouse seeds,and the buddhalope,which is not going to be released yet is another collab he did with dna.


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