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Shroom trip?

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by azblaze, Jun 17, 2007.


    azblaze Active Member

    does anyone know how long a shroom trip lasts for?
    How many shrooms would it take to get a first timer high?
    how much does one shroom cost?
    and can anyone explain a weak-average shroom trip?
    I really want to try them but kinda nervous never tried any drug besides weed before. You guys think I should try it?

    tittyboi Well-Known Member

    yo man all i can say is try it. depending who you get them from and what they look like. the caps are supposedly more potent. you know the top part of the mushroom? a weak trip for me is an all over good body high kind of like weed. it makes you laugh and giggle a lot. well for me anyway. but when you get a good trip the first thing i notice is that my vision kind of fish bowls. my vision becomes more peripheral. everything you look at will take on a new meaning and form. for instance one time i was driving in a car at night and staring out the window in the sky staring at the clouds. you know when you look at clouds and they resemble something? this time it looked like a hand but only this time it looked like it was coming out of the sky trying to grab me. lights become more intense and thats why you should never drive. like when i was going down a street all i could see were the street lights going forever down the road. then when i sit in the house and stare at the carpet it looked like i was staring at my friends salt water fish tank and the carpet was a sea anenome. sorry dont know the correct spelling. the thing that clown fish swim around in and just sway and move back and forth. i would also not recommend staying inside your house. you will become restless and just keep walking around. thats all i can remember for now since its been over a year since ive done it. i wouldnt recommend doing anything less than an eight. unless you like the taste of mushrooms and can get fresh mushrooms that are picked right off and not dried do that. otherwise just take your eight and mix up some kind of fruit smoothie with them in the blender. youll never taste them and it will go down fast. wait for at least an hour to notice any signs of what i explained above. my roomate grew them and i ate them fresh from the cake and got the best trip ive ever had

    clekstro Well-Known Member

    i would be careful with the starting dose, and work up from a 1/2 eighth. The common sense rule, and vital to not walking into an uncomfortable experience, is to remember that you can always take more. The comeup on mushrooms can also be accompanied by nervousness, and this increases with the doses (although shroomers experienced with higher doses maybe argue against this as they have accustomed themselves to the dose and know what to expect). A first timer, if their experience is any like mine, will be apprehensive once they pop them in their mouth and swallow, and over analyze the comeup effects/placebo. Price varies for the area, but i never paid more than $35 for an eighth. But then again, my brother ate his first boomers on halloween, at night, alone in his room listening to techno music and watching the itunes background for several hours without problems. He took a full eighth. The most important thing for me was always setting, but an uncomfortable self perspective will most surely damper the experience, and can be difficult to overcome. enjoy responsibly, as it makes these things look bad when someone takes too much and freaks out.

    clekstro Well-Known Member

    and sorry, upon reading your post again, i started from the beginning on a couple of assumptions without explicitly saying them. Should you try mushrooms? You should try them when you're confident about trying them, though a little nervousness will always be there. The short answer: almost no one would say that they're not worth trying once.
    A shroom trip lasts allegedly 6-8 hours, but i seem to trip for about nine before being nearly completely down. my last trip began with ingestion at 5:30. The effects with 3.2 grams on an empty stomach were intense (i thought that the clouds were orange pyramids for a couple of minutes) and wasn't seeing the strange purple/green outline around objects starting at about 3:00 pm. Fucking crazy duration, first time in public, incredible views.
    Unless the dealer is selling huge mushrooms, (which typically contain less psilocybin per wt.) your 3.5g eighth will contain several, a mixture of stems and caps. dose by weight and not number.

    tittyboi Well-Known Member

    yes the smaller they are the more potent. kind of like garlic. i would do an eighth right off the bat though and i would never do it alone. plus youre right about doing it with friends and people you know or the paranoia and nervousness. one thing ive always noticed while taking mushrooms or ex is the depressing feeling when you come off the trip. maybe thats just me

    azblaze Active Member

    i am confident that I want to try shrooms I just want to get the basics down before trying them so I dont have a bad trip. This may not help at all but im 5feet 2inches and 105pounds. It takes 1 bowl to get me a nice high from weed if it has KB or chronic potency and takes about 2 minutes for the effects to start. If that helps at all how much do you guys think I should eat so I eat just enough to hallucinate. I undrstand i should start with a small amount and work up depending on how I feel but I dont want to end up overdoing it or wasting shrooms. I will be around my best friend that I am 100% comfortable with and he will watch me the entire time and he will be sober.

    azblaze Active Member

    and thanks for the help you already gave guys

    tittyboi Well-Known Member

    i still say take an eighth. are you getting them from a friend or somebody that knows somebody that got them from someone and so on? first time i took an eighth was in high school an i weighed around 180lbs at 5'10"

    azblaze Active Member

    most likely ill be getting them from a close friend that gets them from his dealer that grows weed so most likely grows his own shrooms too so it only goes through 2 people but ifnot ill get them from a friend(not so close) who gets them from who knows where.

    tittyboi Well-Known Member

    i still say take the whole eighth. cuz if you dont and you dont trip you will be disappointed and either not wanna do them or do too much the next time. this way when you take the eighth you can judge how much to take next time. i could weight 180lbs and you could way 100lbs and have the same fat percentage as i assume they are fat soluble. not really sure but just going by what i know from weed. its not gonna kill you or impair you so much you cant do anything. trust me you will be glad you did the whole eighth.

    azblaze Active Member

    alright thanks a lot for all the help but after I got off I was thinking about not doing them. I really want to try them but Ive also thought about LSD and salvia and shrooms was a way to be introduced into hallucinagins and eventually warm up into LSD and salvia. but then I called my friend who I always smoke weed with and the kid I would be around while on shrooms and asked of he wanted to throw down for some weed tommorow and he said no dude im quittin for a while. I thought that sounded pussy as hell but then I was thinking when I first started smoking weed I made another friend promise he would stop me if I ever wanted to try other drugs. and now im wanting to try others. So I was just thinking that if im only 14 and been smokin for a year and at 14 im already thinking about other soft drugs by the time im 20 ill have tried/be fucked pr addicted on other drugs. So for now im happy with just smoking weed. atleast unntil im 17 or 18 and have more sense of what this is all about. for those of you that decide to quit smoking weed for the reason im not doing shrooms or similar, you guys are pussies..

    clekstro Well-Known Member

    the only problem i see (and this is the one you seem dead set on avoiding) is overdoing it the very first time before you get enough experience to work with the drug and not wanting to do it again. You're trying to make an educated guess with the help of the forum as to how you will personally respond to a chemical that has different effects on everyone, which is, naturally, difficult. Also, it is of little help to say what effects the mushrooms will produce in comparison to the pot (i.e. a person with a low tolerance to marijuana may or may not trip off of a reasonable (1/2 to full eighth) of mushrooms. They're different chemicals, and your brain will not respond the same to them.

    I took 2.3g my first trip with my best friends in the forest on the other side of this cemetery, and it was golden. I think that the risk of taking too much definitely outweighs the possibility that you don't take enough. You can always take more during the trip, establish whether or not you're comfortable with the peak as it is, and take a "correcting dose."

    I do not see the point of looking at this from a "i want to save enough to trip twice of one eighth" perspective, when you don't have the first one out of the way. If you blaze pot, then you're probably buying an eighth for $30-40 without the slightest thought; having qualms about the efficient use of mushrooms--which are cheaper--seems a little overboard, though understandable, especially if your source is not reliable/you are uncomfortable/unable to acquire more later.

    You have also not said anything about your personality, which makes our recommendations even more perilous, considering that we have no basis to predict whether or not psychedelics are even something that you would enjoy. You will arrive at your own dosage level with all the research you do and imput you receive. There is a reason that people say, in general, to start with half the strong dose. The effects should be apparent, and should give you plenty of time to decide whether or not you can handle an even more intense experience. Good luck. Oh, and make sure you have some pot for the comedown. I usually feel like i ate a pot brownie at the end of the trip, so not so much depressed as fucking exhausted.

    Any of those who have already tried mushrooms ever get the feeling while tripping like you're sitting in a lawnchair watching some sort of parade, only to realize that it's your life just as usual, only from a different perspective? I seem to get that strange feeling every time...

    tittyboi Well-Known Member

    well in that case i never read that you were 14! wow that is a little early to be trying stuff like acid and shrooms. although shrooms grow from the earth naturally i still say they are ok and yes now that you tell your age i would definately only do half an eighth.

    smkpt Well-Known Member

    when i was 14 i first tryed shrooms, we never took a wieght but we all had a good sized cup of shroom tea and i had probly about an 8th on top of that. all that happened was i zoned out for a few hours haha

    lucy Active Member

    shrums can be funny myself and a group of young ladies had a hair raising night in Amsterdam tripping out of it on mushrooms....

    none of us knew what to expect so we didn't know when/if we were going to come down or if we'd have to stay in amsterdam permanently ;-)

    make sure you're in really comfortable surroundings, with people you are comfortable with...

    chronic420 Active Member

    i did shrooms once. i would recomend tripping with other people that are tripping. you can relate to eachother and if someone is just watching you u will definatly feel weird and they will probably too.. iv done salvia quite a few times. sober it was cool and unique, very spiritual. i also sprinkled salvia on a doob WHILE TRIPPING ON SHROOMS. recomendation- do not do this. my friends and i all experienced the same paranoid feeling, almost like we were turning against eachother. i still get chills thinking about it and just want to warn anyone who might encounter the situation. my advice, stick to one drug at a time. maybe smoke a lil weed drink a lil on shrooms but stay away from the salvia. i dont even do that shit any more. peace and happy trails

    SuperDaveJr712 Well-Known Member

    I'm 6'1, 180, and I've prob. shroomed over 2 dozen times. A sixteenth is a good dosage for me everytime.
    First time I did it I ate over a 1/4, over like 4 hours.

    It's definently interesting.

    Reprogammed Well-Known Member

    2 grams max. Watch yourself on what species you get. 2 grams Mexicana is a hell of a lot different from Gold Flake, so ask your dealer about it.

    Weak to average is basically a really good weed high with, most likely, a pretty good nausea going for it (keep in mind its pretty much food poisoning).

    Honestly man, go for it. I love psychedelics. If I'm out of weed, I'll go for some kratom. Shrooms, acid, LSD, go for them.

    They're a hell of a lot safer than actual drugs (i.e. meth, crack, coke, etc.)

    azblaze Active Member

    im not saying I never want to do shrooms or acid I just think I should wait a year or two before trying them. Whats kratom?

    entropic Well-Known Member

    It's a psychedelic drug, still legal in the US (but will probably be illegal soon as the DEA has it on their watch list).

    More info here
    Kratom - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You can find places to order it on google if you so desire.

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