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shroom amount question

Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by harvesttime, Jun 26, 2008.


    harvesttime Active Member

    how many grams of dried shrooms should i eat if i wanna trip pretty good
    im 15 6'0 and 180 pounds

    SenorSanteria Well-Known Member

    No more than an 8th, if its your first time. I usually recommend a 1/2 8th for a first trip.

    grassroots Well-Known Member

    ahhh i think u should eat bout 2-2.5 grams
    thats wat i ate my first trip and im 6'4 and 165 lbs
    didnt have a bad one was really fuckin fun also.

    imnobody Active Member

    i say an 8th.
    the first time i tripped I ate a quarter and it was way too intense. It doesnt take much you will experience the shrooms with an 8th.

    one time(the last time i tripped) i grew my own, i was told that shrooms lost 90% of there weight when dried so me and my friend ate an oz of wet shrooms..28g x .10 = 2.8 grams divided by 2 people only 1.4 grams a peice right? VERY BAD IDEA...too much shrooms will be unpleasant, believe me. You literally become inebriated to the point where any task becomes impossible. Reality is far away and you might go to a cop and ask for help or be unable to feel pain from something harming you. Make sure your at a safe place where you feel comfortable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wouldnt go around advertising that your 15 and i wouldn't be discussing this with a minor other than the fact that i don't wanna see someone whos going to do shrooms anyway, take too much. Ive read stories of people dying and/or harming themselves because they took too much and couldn't function properly.

    harvesttime Active Member

    i know a little about it
    the most i would even think about takin is an eighth

    SquirrelGod New Member

    I ate a whole mushroom my first time, but I've done acid before that. I weigh 110, but I have a high tolerance to everything. I guess it depends on how much you trust yourself taking.

    Charred Well-Known Member

    first time i tripped was on an island inbetween bali and lombok where they advertise them on signs on the street! had to try it... had a milkshake an hour ater nothing... went back and had another... 15min later my friends were fluoro and the tiles in our hotel were breathing! JOY!
    make sure your in an environment you feel comforable in and around friends. It makes a differnce

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    DRtothE Well-Known Member

    IMO, as a moon boots purveyor for some years, i'd say 4 to 6 tops (with stems) that are about the size of a half dollar is a very good trip. you can ALWAYS take as much as you want though, i'd just stay away from movie theaters, imax theaters, be in a safe place for the onset, and start exploring where you live (when it gets dark is prefferable) once you have settled into your high.

    very visual, i wouldn't drive, and happy trippin


    AKronic Active Member

    eat a quarter!!! that's what i did my first time, man i was trippin ballz for hours. a lil intense but i had good friends around who had done it alot and they thought it would be funny to give me a big dose......i mean i wanted to hurl a couple hours into it but i pulled through just fine. eat like 3.5gr that should do nicely but be ready don't just say i wanna shroom aint nothin like smokin herb more like a less intense salvia for a long time haha fun but i don't touch the stuff anymore..........gives me the willies

    here is a good saying that goes along w/ fungus.
    Grows on cow shit tastes like horse shit.......wich i don't think is true i have grow alot of mushies and they all tasted pretty good to me but i grew on cakes of brown rice flour and vermiculite. anyway take alot of shrooms your first time and you had better respect the drug and it's mind powers.

    twang Active Member

    if you ate a quarter your first time and had a good time, you ate some shitty shitty shrooms. if you're eating some high quality shrooms, don't do more than 2 grams your first trip. Don't listen to AKronic and take a high dose your first time. You'll end up like my friend who took 2.3 grams of the best mushrooms i've ever had and have a bad trip thus ruining a very fun drug. It might scare you away for life which is just non sense because it can be the most fun drug that you'll ever do. Take 1.5-2 grams. unless you get some weak shit like AK. then just eat as needed. if you eat some and don't think you're feeling it, make sure you give it an hour at least to take effect. sometimes it kicks in fast, sometimes it kicks in slow. respect the shrooms!
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2008

    imnobody Active Member

    yeah thats why ui ate 1/4 than reality hit in and we had to go our seperate ways and go to school the next day. fuckin peer pressure...good times

    peacemane420 Well-Known Member

    your fuckin 15? HAHAAHA

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