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    I recently began raising Meyer Lemons from seed I picked off a family members 30 year old/+ full size tree. I've been having decent luck lately as I used the hydrogen peroxide/ gemination method.

    But I'm curious what others here have done with their citrus. So show me what you've got . . .

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    i had a nice myers lemon tree, but it got ran over by a drunk driver and died. it would produce over a hundred lemons a season. i would use maybe 3 of them and would try to give the rest away. i didnt replant a lemon tree in its place.

    here is a pic of oranges off my tree, i been making jelly with them. my orange tree gave 350 oranges this season. IMG_1819.JPG

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    Hey so I started a lemon from seed about three years ago .. I am not sure if it will ever produce lemons from what I've read but still love having it along with my other random plants .. I live in MI so sucks i can't just plant it outside ... I have to prune it pretty often so it doesn't grow too tall 20170108_010917.jpg
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    I think that Meyer lemons are usual grafted so the plant I'm growing is more or less root stock ... smells really good though and pretty resilient, it's been through some shit lol

    alwayslearning777 Active Member

    An nd if I remember correctly it may still flower .. not sure I'll def let ya know if it ever flowers .. not sure if it's a photosensitive plant, it's always under 18 hrs of light so if I tried 24 hrs of light or maybe 12 it may flower .. haunt tried let me know if u have any advice

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    That's cool as hell man. I might just give it a go for shits.

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    alwayslearning777 Active Member

    Its helpful that it likes the same mutes as the buds I tried some coffie plants n they do not like the lower PH but yup the lemon loves they heavy 16

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