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Should you cut off fan leaves during flowering

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by baggins1986, Dec 14, 2008.


    awkinpup Member

    I guess when plants can talk we'll find out if it's good or bad, When I try to interpret what my plants are saying it seems like the same thing everytime Smoke Me....laughing right now from a fat rip. See I knew my girls were right
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    stonestare Active Member

    The last 2 weeks when I start the flush I chop off all of the fan leaves and have yet to hermie a plant. I do this so I can get the max out of the last 2 weeks. When I harvest I go until 80% on the trichs are resin and I usually only cut half the plant and leave the bottom half growing until the trichs are 80%

    tokingtiger Well-Known Member

    i started taking some fan leaves off my almost done plant. Resin increased and it started a growth spurt? I always believed in leaving the leaves on till its cutting time until a friend of mine grew 2 of my clones, my nutes, using nothing but 200watts of t-5's. He did remove the fan leaves a couple weeks before final maturity and since all things being the same except for the fan leaves, ( his plants where better in resin / high), i thought i would do the same.. this strain was an older Lemon Skunk. I also always understood that some stress makes the plant produce more resin as a defense. when i clone i clip the leaves to promote growth so removing some of the fan leaves might of caused the growth spurt and increase in resin? Not a professional study but first time i touched a fan leaf that wasn't ready to fall off by itself.

    update: I am in the middle of cropping this first plant i ever cut my fan leaves off of.. it did create a growing spurt but all this new growth was " SEED PODS" ekkkk. i'm going back to leaving my plants alone unless leaves are dying.. i got with my friend and he did confuse that all his plants where going hermie bad and it was rough keeping up... ( i read in posts here that is a possibility from overly stressing by taking the palm leaves.).

    kindbud27 Active Member

    tuck em if they are in the way man, no need to cut they will fall off when the ready. just tuck em!!

    TsmokeTrain Well-Known Member

    I always check which leaf-end steals the most light and cut off that part of the leaf. that way i double the penatration by cutting not everything but the part that needs to be cut. i once read: Never cut an entire leaf off, and so i didnt, it simply sounds the most logic.

    roadkingrich Member

    Personally I leave all leafs on the plant until they yellow and as mentioned earlier, I give them a little tug and if they fall off, then I just sped up the amount of time the plant would have done in a couple days anyhow. It makes sense that if you pull off the food factories, the plant isn't going to produce as much food and therefore will not be as efficient in producing the best bud possible. If a fan leaf is blocking a bud site, I will tuck it behind a stem. This all works for me but everyone should do what works best for them. I've been growing about 20 years now, and this is what works for me. Might not be the RIGHT thing to do, but it's worked well for me. JMO.

    yesum Well-Known Member

    I am going to be trimming a bunch of fans real soon as my tent is packed and I have to do it or they will burn on the lights I have set vertically in the corners.

    I think it is most likely a draw if you trim or do not, as to bud production. You will stunt the plant some by taking fans, though you can reduce this by taking over a period of days or weeks.

    You will get a more developed bud if it has direct light, though growers tell me different here on the web. Air flow and space restrictions are real things that need to be addressed and if that means trimming then so be it.

    Mikenite69 Member

    I aways take off the big ass sucker leaves really they are really there to shade the plant and also to collect sun and light and never have my plants went into shock over it. Also in a matter of days all those smaller leaves will become big leaves again if your plant is healthy also and the plant cycle still goes on in fact I know many people that preach to cut back the "sucker leaves" in harvest to increase yields now I was always a fan of just leave the plant alone and have noticed a big difference with cutting off the fans and increasing bud size so just like anything else you are the grower if you have two of the same strains try it one where you constantly take those big fucking sucker leaves off and the other where you leave them on and I bet the one that you take the big leaves out will result in bigger buds from my expirerience as well as a few growers who also recommended it to me.

    wvblazin Well-Known Member

    I've trimmed off my lower branches to focus on the main colas and my plants are doing great but I'm growing outdoors. On one of my plants I trimmed a few fans to open it up a little because I was afraid of mold setting in because of how humid it has been the past month or so. Anyway, I would suggest doing whatever YOU think your plants need.

    333maxwell Active Member

    After years of doing this I have discovered one truth.

    Once in flower, this plant will do everything it can to provide the biggest buds it can for it's environment. If the plant feels a leaf is getting in the way of being the most productive fertile plant it can be (buds) it will get rid of that leaf all by it's self (and they do).

    If you cut a leaf that plant had plans for, you piss of the plant more than make it happy. A happy plant is a productive plant. I've tried it all, and these days I let the plant self prune it's self if the plant feels it needs. It knows best and it only has one task in mind, and it's the same task you want from it.

    That's my take, everyone else's own mileage may vary.

    guitarzan Member

    I dunno, half the folks say cutting fan leaves from a flowering plant is okay and have explanations to back that assumption, while the other half say that you shouldn't, with plausible explanations to back that up. I'm confused. My 3 females are in full bud, I cut most of leaves off one of them, and a handful of leaves from the other two. Only the big leaves coming from the main stalk and a few on the bud branches. The big-ass ones that seem like branches themselves come of...over a foot long from the stalk. I heard from one source, that the leaves serve little purpose when in bud stage, and most of the nutrients come from the root system directly and not so much the leaves. During vegetation, the leaves act as solar panels and nutrient delivery for the rest of the plant. That's the theory (I'm hoping) is proper. I do know rain water is something a plant will flourish in. We had 6 days of fairly heavy rain up here, and I rarely got to look at them. They were quite a bit bigger and healthier for sure. Only a botanist, or someone who's experimented thoroughly for years/decades, knows for sure about all these things...just like a chef, every little thing makes a different in the outcome. My 2ยข worth...if that.
    plod super skunk

    plod super skunk New Member

    Isn't it a nettle not a herb it's never been a herb

    ISK Well-Known Member

    you just quoted a post from Nov 2009.... widdopa has not been online for over 2 years, so don't hold your breath for a response
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    plod super skunk

    plod super skunk New Member

    I just cut my fans off was looking for info after I commented I seen the date lol thanks for heads up mate
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    ghEDo Member

    I heard some stories about this and gave it a try on my outdoor grow. I'm new to actually growing myself and figured fuck it I would give it a try. Left the 2 sets closest to the top and my plant is doing great the basically doubled in size the first 2 days..... if you have an extra plant I would give it a shot

    MaineWeed04330 New Member

    I clean em up. I do get rid of fan leaves. They stay on til they get to much. In my opinion doing indoor grow using Co2 they don't last long and newer ones come out to take over. I don't see any difference in growth. In fact they take the bleep off within a few days after cleaning them up. It doesn't take away from the plant. I definitely have noticed more yield doing it this way. this grow now I have taken 6 small from clone to 6 weeks veg to flower and now 8 1/2 weeks in flower with qp easily per plant. 2 gg4, 2 nor easter, 1 gsc and 1 blue kush. Nore Easter with some bad as nodes too.. So I say do as you like. I just love my plants and listen to them. I clip away, I have great luck with it. Blunivers and Crater Lake are two of the bushiest I have seen. They if not are kept clean they will give you problems in the moldy mildew and but rot departments.

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