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should i use nitrozyme during flower?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by rcummings, Dec 8, 2009.


    rcummings Member

    i recently purchased nitrozyme. i started using it on my 2 week old clones today. i also have 4 plants 4 weeks into flower, i did one foliar spray today and dont intend to continue it with the plants in flower. i do intend to spray the clones once a week use the lucas formula weekly as well. my question is when should stop using nitrozyme on the clones? and would it be a good idea to continue spraying the plants in flower till they finish?

    rcummings Member

    can someone gimme some input here please?

    hollywood420 Active Member


    babymama Member

    I love Nitrozyme but I would not spray it (or anything wet) on buds (flowers) ... Im afraid of powder mold yikes

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