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Should I remove lower branches during flowering?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by WaveriderNW, Dec 13, 2010.


    WaveriderNW Member

    I am doing a simple, budget grow of one plant. First time....so anything I get out of it will be cool.

    I am in the flowering stage and have noticed that the buds on the lower branches are not progressing like the rest of the plant. Not really even close.

    Should I remove these so the nugs at the top of the plant will get more "juice"? Should I leave them?? I know I will not get much out of this plant...so I am cautious to remove anything now.

    Also, "Claw" leaves....if the plant looks heathy and have been watching moisture content....Should I worry?


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    paxneotech Well-Known Member

    You could remove the lower branches but some sa that couses stress so... (Did it but I dont do it anymore unless i need some space in the bottom ) but the "cut the bottom so the top gets more juice" ....thats true....What week are you in? 2,3 ?
    Claw finger? If the temp / moist / air circulation is ok....i wouldnt worry
    Have fun, and dont OVER DO IT

    Jankedyjoe Active Member

    What you are looking for is a trimming technique called "lollipoping" It is something thats supposed to be done in the veg stage. On the other hand, if you don't mind waiting say an extra week, you could probably do it and at the very least not have to do what i have to do and spend an hour or so every week in uncomfortable positions trying to get all of the dead bottom leaves. Or else get lights for the lower plants, but you said budget grow, so that sounds like a bigger issue. The best bet is to trip early and over time. Plants will stop growing if you piss them off enough, but if you piss them off just a little, they may actually produce more thc.
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    tokebuddude Member

    you can leave those lower branches that aren't recieving enough light at the moment. what ive dont is harvest only the top half of the plant with the fat nugs...then simply put the plant back under 12/12 and let the bottom remaining portion of the "popcorn" buds plump up a little. or i have also harvested only the nice fat buds worth taking (which was enough) and leave the stuff at the bottom. then put the plant back on 18/6 and re-veg the plant. then switch it back to 12/12 after a couple weeks and re-harvest the same plant.

    tokebuddude Member

    i know this is an old ass thread but, other people can use the advice for future grows haha

    Gr0wGreen Active Member

    trim the bottom 1/4. basically any branch that has no chance of getting any real light or producing any real weight needs to go before the switch is flipped. leaving that garbage on the bottom will only lead to popcorn nugs that are worthless or worse (mold). take them away and all that weight that would have been wasted on the popcorn transfers to the top colas.

    tokebuddude Member

    what happens if you trim after flowering has induced?

    Gr0wGreen Active Member

    the plant will divert energy from flowering to help heal itself

    tokebuddude Member

    once its healed that energy goes back to producing flowers right?

    Gr0wGreen Active Member

    yes but it can be detrimental to the overall harvest.

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    I'd remove them, but that's just me.... especially if you are that early into flowering. The lower branches are just taking away from the top...

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