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Should I dry leaves before freezing them to make bubble hash?

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by col.forbin, Sep 21, 2009.


    col.forbin Well-Known Member

    Im going to be buying a 5 bag, 5-gallon sets of bubble bags off ebasy and just finished trimming the buds:). Should I dry the leaves first or just stick them in the freezer?


    wilsoncr17 Well-Known Member

    You should dry the leaves first, then put them in the freezer. After the material dries the crystals fall off easier, when you freeze them it causes the crystals to harden.

    SativaFan Active Member

    there is no need to dry them first, i actually started my own thread on this last week and found out that it doesnt matter if you dry them first. as long as you freeze the trim it will all be good. after all, the trim is gunna get wet again as soon as you put it in the bucket with water. i just did it today and it worked fine. i got my bags from ebay they are crystal king bags, i did like 3 runs with the same trim/water and got a good amount each time, so dont toss your trim and water after one run with it.

    SticherVA Member

    I just got my Bags in the mail today, I havent used them yet, but for $40 bucks on ebay I am impressed, better quality than I expected.
    Brick Top

    Brick Top New Member

    The only advantage I might see to allowing the leaf matter to dry would be that would give the portion of THC that is in a non-psychoactive form a chance to turn psychoactive.

    Maybe the same process might happen to the THC even if it has been separated from the leaf matter and turned into hash but then maybe it doesn’t or maybe it does but maybe it does it different or to a different degree.
    I could see where a short-term freeze would have an effect something like the trichomes being little icicles and snapping off quick and easy during the mixing process so I could see where that might be a plus. Maybe in the end the difference might not be worth the extra time/step but I guess the next time someone has a lot of trim they can try it both ways and see if they notice a difference and if so how much.

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