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should i cut off burnt leaves?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by stanklin420, Aug 28, 2009.


    stanklin420 Member

    some of the leaves on my purple kush seem to be burning a little bit, should i cut these leaves off because they are considered unhealthy? there is still alot of green on the leaves where it is not burnt. im not sure what to do:?::leaf:

    Khola22 Active Member

    Dont cut them off. The plant knows what it wants and doesn't. Give them a gentle tug. If they come off then discard, if the dont then leave them. I leave everything on until I know I need to prune for trainings sake, or if it is inefficient. Inefficiency can be caused by a leave which is more than 50% damaged. If it is that bad Id consider removing it. If it is not that bad, and just consists of burnt tips or other damage which does not consume more than 50% of the leaf, then continue as planned while trying to find the source of the damage and curing the issue.

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