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should i be spraying my plants?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by tlsdrm73, Sep 7, 2010.


    tlsdrm73 Active Member

    ...if so how often...and with what?

    i'm 3 weeks into veg in ffof under 750w hps

    ph runnin about 6.6-7.0

    i've heard many different things and thought i should ask the gen public!

    SDC12758.jpg SDC12756.jpg SDC12752.jpg SDC12755.jpg SDC12759.jpg SDC12754.jpg SDC12757.jpg

    wyteberrywidow Global

    WEll you will get alot of people saying no dont do it but me personally i do it all the time.I use a 400 hps and ive been spraying my fan leaves every grow veg and flower.I dont spray buds and i usually mist with just water or a little bit of nut solution.

    Serapis Well-Known Member

    I have three atomizer for misting my plants. In one, I have Schultz 10-15-10 plant food and SuperThrive. I use this for clones that look rough and any plants that seem to exhibit deficiencies. In another I have straight up water for those days when my grow space hits 86 or higher and won't come down because Florida heat sucks. My last one is usually mixed with Grow Big and Big Bloom for foliar feeding. It is a weak mix and I use it sparingly on younger plants because if you start feeding them through the leaves, the root growth suffers. I may foliar feed twice a week.

    Also, if I suspect PH problems, I'll foliar feed the 10-15-10 and SuperThrive to see if I can notice an immediate improvement. If I do see the plant perk up right away, I know it is salts or PH lock up. I rarely have to worry about that though now that I have a Milwaukee PH meter.

    You should not foliar feed seedlings unless they look very poor, then use a week Superthrive mix. Generally, you shouldn't foliar feed until the plant is in it's 3rd week. When flowering, don't spray the buds directly, just the fan leaves. Make sure you mist top and bottoms of leaves. And get a good mister, not a spray bottle. You want to atomize the water.

    caution: Raise lights and turn off fans before foliar feeding plants. water on a hot bulb will end with a shattered bulb and glass shards in your grow. Also do it before the lights come on, not in the middle of the light cycle as the water may cause the lights to burn your leaves.
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    wyteberrywidow Global

    Good points.:blsmoke::joint:..I got to spread some more rep around before i rep you agian.But dont worry as soon as i can i will...
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    Serapis Well-Known Member

    Thanks my good man. +REP to you to for being here to answer the 0 reply threads some users seem to skip.

    Beansly RIU Bulldog

    Sure you can mist. Do it first thing in the morning, or right before you turn you light on. Don't mist when your light is hot cause if water hits it, it could explode.
    As for what to spray them with. Like serapis said there are different reasons to spray at different times. Dont spray seedling sprouts until they grow their first set of true leaves.

    I spray my mothers with leaf hardeners once a week
    Spray everything else with earthworm casting, bat guano, mushroom compost or other organic teas. You could also use 1/4 strength or less hydroponic fertilizers.
    BE CAREFUL THOUGH: Some fertilizers contain synthetic auxins like Home and Garden Van De Zwaan. Roots love synthetic auxins, leaves dont. They burn them. Read the ingredients carefully

    tlsdrm73 Active Member

    so would it be appropriate to just spray them with straight water right now?

    woodsmaneh! Well-Known Member

    Superthrive contains Naphthylacetic Acid (NAA), and has been banned from being sold in Oregon and a few other states. That's why some of you guys can't find it. The Asians swear by it in Canada. As you can see NAA does grow roots. There are better product that do the same thing. Just putting it out there.

    a-Naphthylacetic acid (NAA)


    Product Name : a-Naphthylacetic acid (NAA)

    Cas No: [86-87-3]

    Structure Formula:

    Appearance: White crystals

    Purity: 98%

    Melting point: 130-134°C

    Loss on drying: 0.5%

    Residue on ignition: <0.1%

    Chemical name:

    2-(1-naphthyl)acetic acid,1-naphthylacetic acid


    Acute oral LD50 for rat 1000-5900mg/kg. Acute percutaneous LD50 for rabbit

    >500mg/kg. Moderately irritating to rabbit skin, and strongly irritating to rabbit

    eyes under prolonged exposure. Acute inhalation for rabbit LC50 (1hr)>2000ppm.

    Fish LC50 (96hr): rainbow trout 57 mg a.i./l; bluegill 82 mg a.i./l; carp(48hs)

    590mg/l; water flea (48hs) 360mg/L. Non-toxic to bees at recommended dosage.


    Plant growth regulator with auxin like activity. It can be absorbed via root, stem

    or leaf. It is widely used in agriculture, forestry, vegetable, flower, fruit etc.

    It can induce formation of adventitious root, improve cutting culture, promote

    fruit set, and prevent prematuration of fruit.

    Ludokruis Member

    thats what i am doing and my plants is loving it water water water thats all i give them the nutesgo into the groand thank u verry much dont want to burn my babys i love them to much
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    tlsdrm73 Active Member

    LUDO!!! lol that post was your 69th hahahahaha!! congrats! that alone earned you +rep! i'm gonna give em some o dat before they wake up :)

    wyteberrywidow Global

    Are you a guy?

    tlsdrm73 Active Member

    huh? yes...but huh? is there reason to believe other wise?

    wyteberrywidow Global

    It just didnt sound right.You were referring to your plants right?

    tlsdrm73 Active Member

    hahaha yes i meant for my plants. i was pretty fuckin stoned, phrasing was off lol my bad

    Beansly RIU Bulldog

    too much man...lol

    realmaple1 Active Member

    hey hey hey.. what did we learn.. showing love to your plants make them happier.. common!

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