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should i add peat moss to my soil

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by aug181983, Jul 27, 2010.


    aug181983 Active Member

    I got some orgainc soil that doesnt have peat moss in it . I plan to add 30% perlite . Will I be ok with the 30% or should i add some peat moss. I dont have a problem watering everyday either

    aug181983 Active Member

    anyone ... im about to goto the store since my babies already out grew there pellets. So im going to go get more soil and perlite but need to know if I should even spend the cash on Peat Moss or if ill be fine with Perlite


    TheJointProject Active Member

    if you're asking purely for drainage purposes then just perlite will work just fine. i usually put about 40-50% perlite mix with my soil, and it drains just fine. although durring flowering i need to water them a LOT more often, but that's the way i like it. I only use peat moss for starting seeds and such, but thats me.

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