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Shot Glass Germination?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by willRavage, Mar 6, 2008.


    willRavage Well-Known Member

    I have heard about saoking the seeds ina shot glass until they sink then planting them, is there anything im missing here? DO they have to be in the dark?

    Dirtyboy Well-Known Member

    Put the seeds in a glass of water for 6 to 24 hours and then plant them. If ya want to use a shot glass that will work.

    tokezalot420 Well-Known Member

    just use wet napkin between 2 Styrofoam plates on top of the water heater for a couple of days when the tail gets about 1/4 inch plant in moist dirt

    willRavage Well-Known Member

    I had another idea, what about a wet napkin with seeds inside a ziplock on an electric blanket?

    Calek Active Member

    I personally prefer the "place seed inside a unbleached, undied silk wrap..then drop it in a 1 liter pure glass beaker. THEN, vacuum seal it with .6 mil natural colored plastic. Let sit in 72.924 degrees farenheight; reducing .11 degrees once every four hours. NOTE: Keep away from the vacuum of space."

    ...but once I heard this guy put a seed in dirt and it just grew anyway

    GMNRecordsCT3 Well-Known Member

    Yes this method does work... it tends to work a lot faster than the paper towel and other methods in my opinion...
    Dr.Greenthumb Ph.D

    Dr.Greenthumb Ph.D Active Member

    i agree with Calek lol put it in dirt give it a few days maybe a week nothing happens throw in another. but yea shot glass method works well to thats what i do just fill the galss with >>>PURIFIED<<< water let it sit and use the ones whos tail pokes out use those and put the tail in the dirt facing down one time i had it root itself upside down. it was kinda wierd!?!?!?

    willRavage Well-Known Member

    So the tails will poke out submerged in water?
    Dr.Greenthumb Ph.D

    Dr.Greenthumb Ph.D Active Member

    yes they will. and then that happens there ready. i usually do it in my growbox so they get the warmth from the lights and theres no need for a heat pad.

    just because they sink dosent mean that there ready somtimes thats a dud so for a sure to sprout seed go with the ones with the tails.

    zee Well-Known Member

    this is kind of off topic but... the other day my friend germinated a seed and after the first day, a half-inch long root popped out :D
    Dr.Greenthumb Ph.D

    Dr.Greenthumb Ph.D Active Member

    yea that can happen usually thats a good sign lol i think!?!?

    FaTSacK Well-Known Member

    ya they all dif i dont think there any better tho becuase alot of times i have like 30 seeds going and new ones pop out each couple hours but once they grow it is liek they r the same
    Dr.Greenthumb Ph.D

    Dr.Greenthumb Ph.D Active Member

    well if there just schwag seeds then more than likly most of the plants are the same. but it could be different for yall since im in texas and all of our schwag comes from massive crops in mexico. unless its dro or homegrown. but sadly we dont get much of that here :(

    zee Well-Known Member

    yeah its a good sign i suppose

    its bagseed and its doing really well :)

    Spittn4cash Well-Known Member

    dont use a heating pad on ur seeds or clones, unless U can control the temp. even on low it can get up to 90*F


    Dabu Well-Known Member

    I have noticed the same thing. Even if some seeds germinate 1 or 2 days after the first ones, they easily catch up to other seedlings. I labeled my seedlings A1, A2, A3, A4, etc... in the order that they germinated... and after a week some of my biggest plants are the highest numbers (last to germinate)!

    nozthedon Well-Known Member

    man i use the shot glass method every time i grow. i tried the paper towel didnt work for me and i heard it takes a couple of days . well this is how i do it i just put some bottled water in a shot glass put like 5 seeds in it and in the morning put it out in the sun usually by sundown they are already cracked and ready to be put in the ground. i hate it when people dont give you an answer or try to steer you in another direction. good luck:joint::hump:

    nozthedon Well-Known Member

    oh yea and every now and then push the seeds down to see if they sink thats and indication that its working

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