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Short, Fast Flowering Strains

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by xrobfrankx, Jan 28, 2012.


    xrobfrankx Member

    hello all, i have recently been on the lookout for a new strain to start growing, my current strain is a 9 week (unknown) sative/indica cross. i must have a.d.d. or am just impatient because this is just too much time for me. i am looking for something along the lines of 40 days or so something under 8 weeks. there are so many different strains on all the websites and i am finding some trouble going threw them one by one, so if anyone can help me out it be grate. if you have grown something that is fast or if you have noticed something on attitude please let me know

    i am looking to clone as well as breed this strain so i am looking for something i can find in a reg seed not only fem. i am not really interested in autoflowers and am not looking for crazy yields, although it would not b a bad thing.

    i am working with 2 4x7 rooms each with 2 600w lights
    i use a flood table as well as soil
    well ventilated and temperature can be controlled down to a "t"
    co2 enrichment
    i have never had any trouble with molds or fungus, bugs or pest

    i can easily adjust my environmental conditions to the strains liking but i am looking for something that is somewhat easy to grow and resist stress

    so out of the thousands of people on the roll it up forums i am shore someone can help me out. Please Help

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    Well, first of all, 40 days is just under 6 weeks, and there is a pretty big difference between 6 and 8 weeks!

    To answer your question, in general the pure indica strains like Afghan #1, Hash plant and others are the fastest maturing strains and these plants also tend to be short, bushy, and relatively easy to grow.

    Those are typically done after about six weeks **OF FLOWERING**. If you start from clones, that's six weeks. If you start from seeds, you have to tack on another 2 weeks or so.
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    i can't report on the high of blackseed's masterkush yet, but it's a skunk kush cross reported to be neutral and all around in buzz which i can believe as i was REALLY surprised at how "anti-afghani" doc's master x hindu kush troublamaker was. it's supposed to grow less than 2 feet and i think it finishes in 55-60 days without looking it up.

    i had great results popping everything at the very least. that should be a really nice strain for sea of green grows and hopefully has less stone than typical fare.

    there are plenty of short lowryders out there. hindu kush is just 14" and otherwise taller AK-47 is 18"-24" in lowryder form, but that's a slower flowering strain.

    my favorite fast flowering strain CAN be short if you start flowering early... C99. i started my joey weed versions flowering on the 3rd leafsets and didn't get anything over 2 feet from even the tall phenos, but that cut down on yield. i would have been nice if i had more than half a dozen gals, but a 45 day strain that actually gets you high is a godsend to me.

    i guess i got a short pheno of the LSD i popped early last winter as it ended up just over a foot tall started at the third leafset too, but i just didn't like the KO creeper stone on that one one bit even if it started with a nice high.

    if you want the absolute shortest & fastest strain, you should probably look into lowryders. the shortest plant i ever grew was a flumpy's lowdown mystery freebie i got once. it was a super dense hershey's kiss shaped plant under a foot tall, but it stunk like a deak skunk pulled out of another dead skunk's ass! LOL i don't think flumpy ever sold his beans.

    althor Well-Known Member

    Oh god, the liar is back.. Here we go again...

    xrobfrankx Member

    i have a lsd going tight now and its not short at all, i have not flowered one all the way yet but i am working on it now. i have heard that it is a 10 week strain tho.

    xrobfrankx Member

    what about the pure afghan from dna? anyone have any input on that one?

    althor Well-Known Member

    Xrob, ignore everything he says.

    No idea bout the afghan from DNA but I can say they have great quality gear.
    I am especially high on female seeds C99 hybrid. I cut mine right at 8 weeks, they say its a 7 week strain. The hybrid didnt grow very tall at all.
    It was maybe 20" tall. I was really suprised how short it was.
    big fatjoint

    big fatjoint Member

    Search for a strain call top 44 that would be 6 weeks flower and I think hash plant from sensi seeds I have a blueberry pheno that finishes in 45 days! If you are looking for a good producer look up heavy duty fruity!

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