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shipping weed I want a straight answer

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by fgtghgbg, Apr 14, 2008.

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    fgtghgbg Active Member

    I want to know how to ship between 1-7 ounces of weed in the mail from newyork to a south florida college po box. best way to package the box, best service to use. Also I know not to put a return address, but here is what i am thinking of doing to keep the blame off me if I do get caught taking the package. In side the package put a card and some other stuff that says either happy birthday joe shmoe, or write got ya bitch and sign it joe shmoe. stupid idea or will help if caught.

    peacemane420 Well-Known Member

    damn i never shipped that much in the mail! i think the most was like an eight hahah. pathetic... i know lol. i put it in a film canaster and just ripped open the belly of a stuffed animal, stuffed that bitch in there and sewed it up. all was well! hmm i dunno man. but goodluck!

    B-kush-420 Active Member

    the details of what you put it in arealot less important than the actual shipping.. anything big you should do it overnight for sure especially crossing into different states or countries other than that just chill and make sure it dont stink.. its done alot more than you might think

    kilik2007 Well-Known Member

    Want the correct answer that I'm sure you will proceed to ignore since it "costs too much money"? Get a vacuum sealer! For that much pot... GET A VACUUM SEALER!! Yes, a decent one costs 100 dollars, but think about how much 1-7 oz costs... you DO NOT want that ending up in an evidence room somewhere, or being smoked up by some corrupt cops.

    Get a decent vacuum sealer (usually called 'food saver' I think) and triple layer it with vaseline in between the second and third layers. Do all that packing RIGHT before shipping, since the smell does still slowly leak out, and use an overnight service (for the same reason). Pack it carefully, using latex gloves, and avoid getting any residue on the outside of the package.

    I really like that stuffed animal idea, although if the dogs are the ones catching you then that's not gonna do shit.

    thor369 Well-Known Member

    i use to ship pounds from cali to new york 10 Yrs ago, but stopped after 9/11. too many controls on shipping now. i use to UPS it, in tripple tupperware, with cans of coffee in there. it never hada prob, but once again, it was PRE-9/11

    Juntistik Well-Known Member

    from personal experience, im letting you know NOT to even fuck with it.

    im not explaining but seriously.

    dahman Active Member

    i think use common sense on this. if it were me i would use gloves to load envolope. no fingerprints. i would not use your own hand writing on the fuck u bitch letter. and i would put a return address on it but use a bogas one. someone mabey a few miles away. when u goto post office there gonna want one on the package anyway. the one realy in danger is the person picking up the package. but if you use the letter that person on the other end could use that as a defense. mabey say it was a prank letter. or somone setting him up.. but my experiance with police is. if they want to charge that person on the other end for the package there gonna do it. just depends on the officer. so be carefull.

    BIGSIX Well-Known Member

    best way to ship it?


    BIGSIX Well-Known Member

    sounds to me like hes shipping it to himself for while he's away at school or something. once again, dont bother to ship it. not worth the possible hassles to come.

    420inmyapt Well-Known Member

    wow people some people are not the sharpest tool in the shed...... honestly why go through all the trouble and risk and cost involved in shipping Marijuana (a schedule 1 drug in the US, that means its viewed the same as meth, heroin, and crack.) I mean yea there's ways you can do it, but why.... take that risk (i assume theres a reward...), even if you take all the steps to get it there whats the say this guy is not going to tell you he never got it? I mean think about it man... is a plant worth going to jail over, cause i know outside CA all marijuana laws are completely over-enforced....

    dahman Active Member

    so true, bigsix. if it was easy all drug dealers would be shipping all over the world. and after 9/11 there realy looking at mail. plus it would cost you 10 times as much defending yourself in a court. better off finding a local dealer.

    JohnnyBravo Well-Known Member

    Well I was gonna do it....but then this guy said not to...he didn't give any details but, he did say "Seriously"......That all I needed to hear!!!....I mean shit dude, He said "Seriously"....Dumbass

    420inmyapt Well-Known Member

    LoL nice Johnny....

    bluewizard Well-Known Member

    use a greyhound bus, or similar service. they sometimes have options to send single packages, and you could do it pretty much overnight. the only problem is the other end needs to pick it up in person.

    if it's packaged under a pound or so, send it in the regular mail, express or premium or whatever and don't require a signature upon receipt. that way it will just be dropped at the address until you pick it up..

    both have ups and downs.
    White Widow Woman

    White Widow Woman Well-Known Member


    Seriously though, just don't do it kid!... Johnny don't mess with me, I'm in the Rep Love club!... lol


    Rep Love Rules!!! - http://www.rollitup.org/toke-n-talk/56625-whats-rep-points-do-i.html
    Have you checked your trichomes today... RadioShack.com

    brontobrandon1 Well-Known Member

    isent 2 zones and it went thru then i sent a zone a month later and it got caught and they called the place i sent it too and asked to open the package and he said yes then jus said a zone and a half of high grade marijuana and they said they could have let it go thru then bust the people waiting for it ( i dont think they did it bc it was like 1200 miles away) but ya nothin happened but i jus sent a half o the other day ill find out in 2 days if my friends got it.

    so long story shhort im riskin it and my friends no it if u cant take the heat get out the kitchen as juelz santana would say haha


    Erysichthon Well-Known Member

    I must advise against it, cuz well, i can think of too many reasons for it to go wrong. but if you do. good luck. too bad we cant email buds to folks eh?


    PurpleKush420 Active Member

    ship it USPS overnight. and yes you should invest in a vaccum sealer it works everytime i do it. i ship from Cali to GA

    smi32th Active Member

    A buddy of mine worked for the airport loading planes, and the mail, he said no one gives a fuck whats in the boxes, as longas they made it on the plane, no checks, just speedy delivery. he said "u.s mail priority", with some air tight sealer, and a hard shell, because thats how most people get caight, either the smell or the box busts open. I would say its a safe bet, but I would split your 1- 7 oz. into 2 shipments.
    Florida Girl

    Florida Girl Well-Known Member

    7 Ozs...... New York to South Florida? FUCK THAT!!! Drive it down with you.... double vacuum sealed and I like what Peaceman said...sewn up in a stuffed animal.

    Drive the speed limit and DO NOT blaze along the way.

    I might risk shipping up to ONE Oz. but more then that seems greedy and more likely to get busted.
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